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Internet Copyright Issues
The Infuriating Tale of Two Cites:
Citation #1. Unauthorized Use
Citation #2. Settlement Demand Notice

Part 1 of 4
(It's a rather l-o-n-g story!):

Have you ever worried about internet copyright

Internet Copyright IssuesYup, it's your friendly super cyber whiz Gnomely, Webmaster Extraordinaire, here to tell you (quite emphatically) DO NOT, under any circumstances what-so-ever, let the big corporate guys bully you!
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So have you ever even dreamed that you would have internet copyright issues?

If course not!

Why would you?

You're an honorable sort.

You obey all the terms of use agreements as you publish your web pages, and you would never, ever – not for even a millisecond – consider hijacking any other published material on the internet now would you?
Then you sound exactly like my poor, tormented webmaster buddy, Sue.
Not in a million cyber light years would even I, Gnomely, Webmaster Extraordinaire, ever consider that Sue could, would or want to willingly violate any internet copyright laws or become a victim of Getty Image's very questionable practice of threatening to bring charges against her in their growing number of copyright infringement cases.

Poor, poor Sue.

I'll secretly confess to you that even with all my infinite web mastery wisdom and cyber savvy, I have never been aware of any other human who has such an affinity for attracting problems like Sue does. Even I have found myself occasionally resorting to shaking my ever so handsome head adorned with my ever so fashionable red hat in total disbelief sometimes.

So why not just settle in for a bit while I tell you the latest in my ever growing catalog of "Just "Don't Do It" website help building stories?

The Riveting (and Downright Heart-Stopping) Infuriating
Tale of Two Cites

Citation #1.: Unauthorized Use Citation
Citation #2.: Settlement Demand Notice

It all began one lovely summer day as the sun was streaming in
through the kitchen window as Sue
opened the mail.

I heard a shriek.

Internet Copyright Issues
In fact, it was a very, very loud and prolonged shriek.

The shriek was immediately followed by the longest and most profuse (not to mention inventive!) string of cursing that my poor delicate and ever-so-handsome gnomish ears have ever heard.

(But I think I should spare you that part.)

Frankly, it would get really tedious and redundant if I had to repeat every last curse that Sue muttered on that horrid day as she stomped around the house in a whirlwind of fury.

You see, Sue had just opened a letter from Getty Images that turned out to be just the beginning of her internet copyright issues and a $1,655.00 sitemare. 
(That's right, $1,655.00 buck-a-roos.)

Because Sue provides lots of opportunities on her website, the, for visitors to contribute, post information (including photos), comment, share information or simply to ask questions; the letter from Getty Images accused her of infringement of internet copyright laws as a result of what they perceived as the unauthorized use of two graphics posted to her website by her visitors.

Along with the stern and intimidating letter accusing her of violating copyright infringement laws a settlement demand notice was attached demanding immediate payment of the incredulous amount of $1,655.00!

Can you imagine?

business opportunity

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