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Internet Copyright Laws: A Boon or Bane?
The Infuriating Tale of Two Cites:
Citation #1. Unauthorized Use
Citation #2. Settlement Demand Notice

Part 4 of 4
(The continuation of this l-o-n-g but critically important story!):

Copyright Infringement CasesBolstered by her interpretation of the US internet copyright laws, Sue was convinced that she was on solid ground challenging the inane assertions alleged by Getty Images and thus avoiding becoming yet another one of Getty's predatory copyright infringement cases. . .

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Yes indeed, it's your favorite friendly super cyber whiz (again with the third part of this heart-stopping tale), Gnomely, Webmaster Extraordinaire, here to remind you (quite emphatically) DO NOT, under any circumstances what-so-ever, let the big corporate guys bully you!

BUT. . .

Turns out that internet copyright laws happen to be a very, very complex, head-throbbing, and an I-want-to-gouge-my-eyes-out-with-an-ice-pick sort of  complicated matter.
Internet Copyright Laws

Based upon the outcome that others reported of their internet copyright issues with Getty it was clear that Sue could reasonably expect any of the following responses:
  1. Most likely scenario: Warning notice from a collection agency that she is in arrears for the fabricated amount of $1,655.00 that Getty Images claims she owed. (Many people reported on various forums that when they decided to ignore the settlement demand and not send payment then they eventually found themselves confronted with delinquency charges from a variety of collection type of companies.) Can you imagine? 
    How absolutely horrid!

  2. Highly Probable: Nothing. Sue would never hear or be bothered by Getty again regarding this fabricated breech of internet copyright laws alleging unauthorized use long with that outrageous settlement demand notice.

  3. Possible: Follow-up demand letter with more threats, and dire warnings.

  4. Not Likely: Notification of a Lawsuit as she joined the ranks of other Getty Images copyright infringement cases.

  5. Hoped for with fingers crossed but not expected: Letter from Getty rescinding their demand and absolving her of any wrong doing.

  6. Never: Send payment.  Sue is completely innocent after all.
    (You just wouldn't believe how many people actually sent Getty the money they demanded!
    Though in all honesty, some of them could have used graphics without obtaining the appropriate rights to use.)

Internet Copyright LawsSo we waited, crossed our fingers and hoped.

And waited.

And prayed with all our hearts to the Cyber Deities and for Lady Justice to fight our cause.

Then we waited some more.

It was well over a month when our wait finally came to an end.

A letter from Getty Images had arrived!

With heart palpitating (yes, despite beliefs to the contrary Gnomes do have hearts!) anticipation I solemnly watched Sue as she walked around the kitchen table a few times while staring at the very thin envelope that had just arrived from Getty.

Sue paced (and had me literally writhing with anxiety) staring at the letter for a good solid 30 seconds like it was a venomous viper that was going to sink its fangs into her.

I even heard her quietly whispering yet another prayer and a heart-wrenching plea to the Cyber Deities and Lady Justice to smile upon her and give her this victory as she slowly gathered up the courage to rip that letter open.

My. My. My. . .

Just feast your eyes on this:

Isn't that AWESOME?

She did it!

Internet Copyright Laws
That's my Sue!

Needless to say, I did a very excited mental victory dance while Sue let out an ear piercing hoot and holler that nearly blew my handsome red felt hat clear off my balding little head.

Thankfully, Sue's invitation to her visitors to her website- The Skin Care Resource Center -can continue to contribute their comments, thoughts, graphics, or whatever else they wish.

Meanwhile, I (the ever stoic and supportive Master of the Cyber Universe), will finally be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that Sue isn't going to be held hostage to every greedy, money grubbing, deceitful and despicable entity who attempts to bully her into giving up her hard earned income just to dishonestly pad their bottom line.

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