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Internet Small Business

Celebrating Birth of Cyber Baby as Empty
Nest Delivers Profitable eBusiness:
Part 1

Internet Small Business

Online Notice. . .

To:        The Entire WWW Cyber Community

Subject: Proud Mother Bored Beyond Tears Posts Online Birth Announcement!

It's a healthy, rambunctious and utterly enthralling cyber baby!

I am so pleased to announce that I am now ecstatically embracing Motherhood yet again, but this time as the Virtual Mom of a brand, spanking newborn website which is quickly growing into a thriving internet small business.

Can you believe it?

Immediately upon conception I christened my virtual cherub,

I purposely chose this traditional ancestral name in honor of a very long line of direct descendants hyper linked to the highly revered guardian of the vast and enchanting Kingdom of Dot Com; the ever illustrious, His Virtual Cyberness, long reigning Emperor of the Virtual World of Opportunity.

You see, now that both my boys are away at college, that empty nest syndrome was starting to become a boring, monotonous, lonely, and obnoxiously quiet place. I can honestly say that I now know the true depth of meaning to that profound saying, "Silence can be deafening". Frankly, I was slowly beginning to go absolutely stir crazy.

That might sound rather ridiculous
when you consider that. . .

The house no longer up-chucks an endless raging torrent of dirty laundry from garage to attic and that inexplicably the dishes are no longer super-glued with a mysterious, furry, god-knows-what substance to every flat surface in the house.

The football-baseball-hockey-basketball teams are no longer ravenously waiting for me to arrive home from a long day of work to prepare a bountiful smorgasbord of leftover orange mac and cheese, cold baked beans accompanied by a side of Raman Noodles complete with their ever favorite gourmet desert of stale Froot Loops a la mode.

And although it might seem like something short of an honest to goodness real miracle, I can also sincerely attest to the fact that there really is a rather nice carpet covering the floor in each of the boy's bedrooms and furthermore, in each room there is even a full size bed completely decked-out with very attractive matching linens. Who would've guessed?

Now don't get me wrong. . .

It's been absolutely fabulous to retire the laundress, the maid, the chef, the personal shopper, the chauffeur, and the Ms. Jackie-of-all-Trades. My life is just so darn easy, simple and delightfully void of responsibility now.

But I must confess that the sheer joy and surprise in realizing the unbelievable scope of my newfound freedom from those endless Motherly duties that I was frequently known to whine and complain about, lasted all of maybe a week or two.

Then the loneliness struck me in like a powerful blow from a sledgehammer right in the middle of my somewhat substantial gut.

The tedious boredom turned into aimless wandering around the house searching for something meaningful to do. The deafening silence quickly became an unbearable, torturous scream of intolerable emptiness. I needed to sink my teeth into something.


Going from that daily furious fast-paced and hyperventilating state of "what"s next" until I finally managed to collapse into bed from shear exhaustion to one of "what to do" was utterly devastating. The simple, leisurely, quiet life plainly just wasn't cutting it for me.

So what's a middle-aged woman to do with newfound oodles of time on her hands?

Well, she hauls up those big girl panties, sucks in that ever so attractive muffin top, throws her shoulders back so the girls pay close attention, raises her head high with conviction and embarks on a internet small business technological adventure.

And guess what?

Click here for the rest of the story:   Continued: Cyber Baby Part 2

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Cyber Baby Series:

Can you follow your dreams?
Why ever not?

See how. . .

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