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Internet Web Site Design
Planning Out Your Website Structure

Grab your grocery list and let's go shopping for the perfect internet web site design and website structure.

It is important to plan out the primary topic areas of your site and to organize them in such a way that makes navigation intuitive and easy for your visitors.

So-o-o. . .

You guessed it!

We're headed to the grocery store in this example.

Example of an Internet
Web Site Design Structure

The grocery store's (Site Theme) exterior storefront (Look & Feel, Home Page) is what you visually see as you pull up to the store with your shopping list in hand.

Internet Web Site DesignThe grocery store is organized into many different sections such as: Dairy, Produce, Deli, Bakery, Canned Goods, and so on.

Those are your Tier 2 pages of topics that directly relate to the overall site theme of "groceries".

You make a beeline to pick-up your milk, butter and eggs.

Found by quickly navigating to the Dairy Tier 2 page, which lists each individual item available in the dairy isle as a Tier 3 page.

You then rush over to the Deli counter (another Tier 2 page) to order your sliced cheese, shaved imported ham and fresh chicken salad (all individual Tier 3 pages under the Deli navigation button).

In no time at all you can see that your website could potentially have hundreds of tier 3 pages (the individual items on your grocery list) that each relate to the category of the specific tier 2 topic page.

Are you ready to check-out yet?   :-)

(Or maybe your head has started to hurt a little bit and you'd like to go over to the tier 2 health and beauty section to view your options of tier 3 aspirin choices before we continue on?)

When learning everything at once it can feel overwhelming at first. Take a deep breath, take it one step at a time and you will create such a wonderfully designed web site that you will be bursting with pride!

Just keep in mind that your overall web site design
goals are to:

  • Create an aesthetically pleasing and user friendly site

  • Establish an easy navigation structure that quickly brings your visitor to the information they are seeking

  • Ensure that the site web pages load quickly

  • Maintain the same appearance on different browsers
    (Site renders the same when HTML compliant)

  • Keep it simple so even a first grader can use it

  • Above all, offer great quality content!





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