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Is a SBI eBusiness Website a Good Way to Sell My Products

by Bob
(New Jersey, USA)

Is a SBI eBusiness Website a Good Way to Sell My Products?

Is a SBI eBusiness Website a Good Way to Sell My Products?

Is a SBI eBusiness Website a Good Way to Sell My Products? I have hair care product line that I would like to market and sell more effectively.

I see Sue's skin care site is infomational & she makes money several ways from the traffic she attracts with:

    #1. Google Ads
    #2. Selling other peoples' products via and other affililiate commissions

I have a small hair care product line and I already have a website that sells them. (They are also sold in a few hair and skin beauty e-stores).

My question:

With poor sales/awareness of my products from own site, can SBI work for me better?
I don't want to do 'informational' site ( maybe separately I would but my priority is the need to better sell my line).

Or is the informational site approach the best way for me to get traffic, and then use this traffic to expose my products after they see my site is a valuable and trusted resource?

I am confused...

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Building an eBusiness Website to Sell Products
by: Sue

Hi Bob,

Congratulations for developing your own hair care product line. How exciting! I do wish you had included the web address to your current site promoting your products so we could take a look at. . .

But the quick answer to your question is an emphatic YES!

You see, SBI specializes in helping people build an ebusiness website. They walk you through their proven step-by-step method of building a business website that not only gets the traffic (visitors) you need but also teaches you how to best market your products online.

These series of video's explains the process that makes a SBI website very different than any others:
How to Build a Website the SBI Way

And Bob, thanks so much for your kind words about my first website: The Skin Care Resource Center.

I have made a point of diversifying the sources of revenue generating options on that site which makes a huge difference in establishing a very steady and stable source of monthly income.


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