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Is Google Pay Per Click Advertising Worth the Effort

by Sebastian

Does Google Pay Per Click Advertising Put Money in the Bank?

Does Google Pay Per Click Advertising Put Money in the Bank?

I have been considering adding Google Pay Per Click Advertising as the first step in my monetizing plans for my website. It seems like quite a bit of work to add the Google Ads to every page of my site.

Do you think this is a good strategy to start generating income from my site? Is it going to be worth the effort?

How much can I expect to earn in Google ad revenue if I add Google Ad Sense to every page on my site? (I have about 42 pages right now.)

I am also interested in learning which sizes of the Google Ads to use and what the best placement for the Google Ad Sense would be on each web page. Is there a right way and a wrong way to add the code to your site?

As you can tell, I am very new at this and any help is greatly appreciated.

I have started to read all about Google pay per click advertising from their instructional tutorials but would very much like to learn what your thoughts are as well since you have websites and probably know the best way to go about starting to generate income.

Thank you very much.


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Google Pay Per Click Advertising is an Excellent Place to Start Monetizing a Website
by: Sue


The quick answer is. . .


Using Google Pay Per Click Advertising as one element of your overall monetizing strategy is an excellent place to start.

Don't be afraid of using Google Ads on your website. It isn't hard. Honest. It just seems that way when you are first starting out.

Just follow the Google's step-by-step directions for creating ad blocks after you sign-up for a Google Absense account. Then all you do is copy and paste the code where you want the ads to appear into your web pages.

This page has more detailed information on using Google Adsense to generate income along with links to important pages on Google's policies for webmasters using adsense:
Information on the Google Adsense Program

The answers to your questions are a bit harder because with all honesty, it depends.

The amount of money that each website generates from Google Ad differs radically. Some sites make hundreds, even thousands of dollars a day while other site struggle to make a penny or two.

Factors that impact adsense earnings can include:
* The topic of your site's niche
* Ad placement
* Choice of keywords
* Number of ads used on each page (Note: Sometimes more is not better...)
* Type of ad blocks and link units used
* Use of text ads vs.. graphic ads

. . . and on and on.

It will be interesting to let us know how your experience with using Google Pay Per Click Ads goes, so come back and share!


P.S. Here is some information on other forms of monetizing options for websites:
Options for Turning Your Website into an eCommerce Business

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