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Keyword Search Strategy

by Marylyn (SuperNan)

My Keyword Search Strategy

My Keyword Search Strategy

I've been using my keyword search strategy to find a good website niche on beaches. I love the idea of having fun at the beach, love the Aussie fringe-dwelling, coast-hugging lifestyle.

I also love the idea of combining the concept keywords words. This is what I've come up with so far:

australian beach has this breakdown...
495 Demand, 334 Supply, 1482 Profitability

australia beach has...
2752, 382, 7204 (A much better keyword with those numbers, right?)

Both these are available to register as domain names.

But best australian and are both gone! Darn...

Marylyn (SuperNan)

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Revise Your Keyword Search Strategy
by: Sue

Hi Marylyn,
You've been busy!

That site concept is much better and a more tightly focused niche. See, your keyword search strategy is really paying off.

Your first set of keywords were very broad and didn't demonstrate much in the way of profitability.

Now, don't be disappointed since I know you are very anxious to get started building your site but taking your time and researching the very best master keywords for your site concept is vitally important!

You want your demand to be HIGH, the supply LOW, and the profitability HIGH. (Your stats were reversed on your first set of keywords!)

So I did a little research and came up with some examples for you:
(The demand numbers are first, supply second and profitability third)

    australian beaches: 3980 373 10670
    australia beach: 2752 382 7204
    australia beaches: 1702 233 7305
    beach vacations: 31725 14830 2139
    beach fun: 5064 2286 2215
    best beaches: 20215 8562 2361

See how the demand is much higher than the supply numbers and the third set of numbers show much higher profitability than the ones you have?

I would also consider combining the above keywords into a domain name. But I'm not sure exactly what you have in mind for your new site so these are just some thoughts. . .

For example:


See how I combined two different keyword phases into a domain name?

That way your major keywords could be:

    australian beach, beach fun
    australian beaches, beach vacations
    best beaches, australian beach

Just food for thought. . .

Don't rush it. . .have FUN with it! (As I know you will)

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