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Learning How to Make My Own Website to Promote Small Home Business

by Rinika

Learn How to Make My Own Website to Promote Small Home Business in Interior Redesign

Learn How to Make My Own Website to Promote Small Home Business in Interior Redesign

Hi! I would love to learn how to make my own website in order to promote my small home business. Building a website for my interior redesign and staging consulting business has been on my "to do" list for far too long.

Winning a free web site along with free web hosting is the ideal answer to my dilemma of whether I could afford to invest in learning how to make my own website or not.

Building a small ebusiness website will allow me to communicate with my clients, display my portfolio of before and after design photos as well as create a newsletter so that I can begin working on building my small home business by keeping in touch with prospective clients.

I have researched the perfect domain name and have studied the step-by-step site building guide that you recommend. (There sure is a lot to learn!)

As a result, I have begun to develop a longer term business plan that includes integrating an ecommerce component to the website in order to create another stream of revenue for my small home business in interior redesign.

I know for a fact that learning how to make my own website will open an entirely new world of opportunity for my home based business and provide me with more (dependable) financial security than the business produces now.

Thank you!

Rinika V.

P.S. I do have to let you know that I just adore Bits and Bytes and look forward to each newsletter. They are an absolute riot and make me laugh. . .

Gnomely is my second favorite! I enjoy reading Gnomely's "Don't Do It" journal entries. They give me confidence even though I know I'll make mistakes, this site demonstrates that building a website will be a whole lot of fun too.


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