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Learning to Make Web Pages
The Easy Way!

If the ideas of learning to make web pages sends shivers down your spine, then there is good news.

Learning to Make Web Pages
"Make my own web page?", you stutter. Sure!

Once you know what it is you want to create, you can construct any web page you can imagine, simply and easily, with just a little instruction.

Building a web page isn't any more difficult than sending an email or text message. Really! No need for fancy dancy tools for website building. No matter what your background or skill set, as long as you know how to check email, you CAN build visually appealing and fully functioning web pages.

I'm going to show you how.
(Believe me, if I can do it, then you definitely can!)

So let's get started, shall we?

Everything You Know is Wrong!  Yup. 

You can begin by throwing out every preconception you have about the Internet, and what you need to do in order to create something there.
  • Software? Don't need it!
  • Books? Don't need them!
  • WordPress? WordWhat?
  • e-Courses, coaching, major investment of cash. . .

You asked, "What do I need in order to make my own web page?" Well, keep crossing items off that crazy list of all the tools you imagined you needed.

However, there are are few tools for website building that you DO need.

Tools for Website Building
That's right, blocks.

Building blocks in fact.

That's how you are going to achieve success, by building a web page the easy way. . .

Block By Block.

What if I told you that you can do everything you need to build that dream project you've been imagining, one block at a time?

What if I told you that learning to make web pages was as simple as dragging and dropping a block, populating it with text, graphics, video, etc., and then moving on to the next block until your web page is done?

Learning to make web pages doesn't sound quite so daunting now, does it?

Here's a step-by-step video that demonstrates how it works:

Building Web Pages

Let's start with the "Boring" (but important) stuff first:

You probably didn't know this, but behind the scenes on every web page is what is known as META information. This is what helps Google to find your website – and potential visitors decide if they want to visit it when they see your listing appear in the search results.

The all-in-one website builder that I use is SBI. SBI has a really nifty (and ridiculously easy) block builder system for building a web page that provides everything the search engines and humans need in order to find it, including helping you craft effective META information.

Site Build It! Tools

Figure 1:

SEO Web Page

  • The TITLE is what appears on a line above the detail of your listing. (See figure 1.)

  • It should contain the keyword of your page, preferably at the beginning of the title.

  • The DESCRIPTION tells the potential visitor more about what they will see when they click through to the page. It appears below the title in the form of a short paragraph. (See figure 1.)

  • KEYWORDS don't appear on the page, but are useful to help search engines decide what your page is about. You can use up to five keywords in the box.

Ready to Build Your Web Page?

Once you have entered the META information, it's time to add a headline, and start populating the page with content.

"Content" is anything that appears on the web page.
Images, text, charts, video, headlines... all these are content.

It's best to create all your content yourself. Great, original content will always be in demand. Avoid the temptation to emulate content from other websites, or worse, to copy it word for word. That can have a serious impact on your web page's performance.

As you start building a web page, all you do is drag and drop blocks onto the page, and begin typing, upload an image, or drop in HTML to display a video or any other items.

Publish, and Be Damned!

It's all too easy to publish web pages, but there's little point if nobody ever sees them.

Ensure that your web page gets found by taking a moment to ensure it's optimized.

The suite of SBI tools for website building includes an Analyze It! function to see whether you have made any errors in the optimization of your web page. Just click it and it will check your web page to ensure it has all the necessary elements to be easily found by humans and the all important search engines.

Analyze It! will tell you whether you need to remove a keyword, or add it more often, and whether it has been included in the vital META information, in the headline, and in a text link.

There, learning to make web pages isn't so hard, is it?

"How Can I Make My Own Web Page?", you wondered.

No more, right?

Now you know that learning to make web pages, all without any shivers or trepidation what-so-ever, is easily achieved using blocks!  (Just like when you were little stacking your building blocks to make masterpiece after masterpiece!)

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