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How to Make Money on Your Website
Ways to Increase Website Revenue
and Web Site Profit!

Make Money on Your Website The whole point of creating an internet ebusiness is to make money on your website, isn't it?

"To monetize" is simply a fancy term that basically means to convert something into money.

So how does a website ebusiness actually make money?

Website monetization is the process of implementing strategies that result in converting the traffic (visitors) to the website into a revenue stream that eventually generates web site profit.

The variety of different ways to make money on your website is referred to as website monetization.

Monetizing your website generates web site profit.

The more thought out and researched your monetizing plan is, the more able you will be to make money on your website.

How to Make Money on Your Website
Although creating opportunities to generate web site profit isn't a difficult process at all, there really isn't an instantaneous magic formula that will have money pouring out of your computer with the first click of your mouse.

It takes good old fashion hard work and a bit of trial and error to find the right combination of website monetization options for each individual website that  works to increase website revenue.

Remember, you are building
an ebusiness!

As with any business venture, (and any website has the potential to be a very lucrative internet ebusiness!) the more thought and research you put into t monetizing strategies you choose to implement on your website will have a direct impact on how much web site profit you will make each month.

The key elements to make money on your website and ensure that your ebusiness website is not only successful but profitable as well begins with. . .

Research the website monetization options that fit best with your website topic, content, and most importantly offers exactly what your visitors want and need!

Valuable Content + Traffic = Income:
Consistently creating valuable content builds traffic to your site. The more visitors to your site, the more opportunities you have to convert that traffic into income by offering knock-your-socks-off content and recommendations for the products and/or services that your visitors want, need and have been searching for. . .

In other words know what your visitors want . The more sales you make, the more you will make money on your website and experience increase website revenue.

Test a variety of monetizing options. If one strategy doesn't work well, try another. Test again. It can literally be a matter of trial and error until you find the perfect mix of website monetization that works best for your particular site's theme. Keep testing.

As the old adage goes, do not put all your website monetization eggs into one basket.

If the one company you selected to promote their products goes out of business then you'll just have to start all over again. But if you have a handful of different streams of revenue producing options then your site will still be generating some web site profit while you research other monetizing opportunities.

Be realistic.
Despite what almost every "start your own internet business ad and live in the lap of luxury for the rest of your life" you see promises; you are not going to be an internet ebusiness multi-bazillionaire overnight. It takes planning. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes work.

Here is a quick overview of the most popular and widely used website monetizing options:

(For other website monetization options and more in depth information on monetizing strategies just navigate to "Earn It")

Pay Per Click Advertising Networks:
Google Adsense is the most popular PPC Ad network but there are many other PPC advertising networks as well. PPC is the easiest way to start making money with a website.

All you do is sign-up, then copy and paste the ad code on your web pages. When a visitors clicks on an ad that looks interesting to them, you are paid anywhere from a few cents to several dollars per click.

CPM Advertising:
CPM stands for cost per mille; 1,000 web page views. Instead of receiving revenue for each click on an ad, earnings are a result of the number of page views made that display an ad. Ad rates, and therefore your income, are based on every 1,000 page impressions.

So if the CPM Ad network offers a $10 rate, that means once the web page on your site has been viewed by your visitors 1,000 times, then you earn $10. (In this example, that would work out to $.01 per visitor to that particular web page.)

Affiliate Programs:
Along with Google Adsense, this is by far the most popular monetizing strategy.

Basically, if you enter into an affiliate relationship with a company, you become a sales representative of that company's product(s). You earn commission when a visitor purchases a product via a specially coded link that you are provided to put on your site.

Direct Ads Sales:
Selling text link, image or banner ads to companies interested in advertising on your website.

Sell Your Own Products:
Whether your product is a simple downloadable e-guide, instructional booklet, an eBook, CD, DVD, or any type of hard good you can create a sales page and add a "buy it" now button from any number of companies (like PayPal, E-junkie, ClickBank)

Sell your Expertise:
Using a similar monetizing model as above, offer your special skills, expertise, service or assistance for an hourly or flat rate.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM):
MLM or Network Marketing is one in the same. Although this website monetizing strategy basically involves the sales or referral fee for a product or service, the MLM strategy also includes the incentive of increased income from the other promoters that you recruit to represent the company as well.

This is referred to as a "distributor downline" which has the potential to generate compensation from multiple levels. (Think of a pyramid structure that represents a sales force hierarchy that you initiated with your first recruit).

MLM allows you to make money on your website from other "recruits" since you earn a percentage from any sales that they make.

Request your visitors to make a voluntary donation using PayPal. Actually, many site owners disguise a donation request as an invitation to buy you a "cup of coffee" in a less invasive way to solicit donations.

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