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Make Money with Google Adsense Clicks
How to Increase Adsense Profits

You can learn how to make money with Google Adsense clicks and increase adsense profits with these optimization recommendations made by Googles Adsense Team at the recent workshops held at Googles corporate offices throughout the USA.

While Google has a wealth of information on their site for increasing Adsense profits, I recently had an opportunity to attend a seminar as well as a 1:1 session on increasing adsense clicks at Google's corporate office.

Therefore, Publishers are willing to pay more for ads that are clearly visible, prominently placed, and the larger the better. . .

Special Note:

Be reminded that these Google Adsense Strategies are their Most Wanted Response!
Google is a business just as your website is your ebusiness.  ;-)

The vast majority of Google's tips to help advertisers make money with Google Adsense clicks involves displaying the largest ad units possible in the most prominent positions on their sites.

  • Place ad units above the fold Embed units naturally in web page content

  • Use link units or ad towers near site navigation

  • Directly following the end of articles Larger ad units generate more adsense profits

  • The top three ad unit sizes to use are the 300x250 above the fold, the 160X600 to the right of content, and the 728X90 Leaderboards

  • Image only Leaderboards placed directly above or below the top logo banner

  • Image only Leaderboard embedded in the top site logo banner

  • Image only Leaderboards positioned at the end of web pages

  • Image ads typically have the highest pay-outs, thus overall better performance than text adsense units

  • The combination text and image ad units is the second best performing option

  • Use colors for text units that compliment your site Select subtle colors for text ad units that blend in with content, (but Google did stress, NOT too subtle!)

  • If using text adsense units only, use borderless ads and highlight link and URL

Let us know how Googles optimization tips work for you in increasing adsense clicks and adsense profits on our "How to Build a Website Forum".

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