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Making My Home Based Business Web Site a Reality

by Marylyn

Giving Birth to My New Home Based Business Web Site

Giving Birth to My New Home Based Business Web Site

I'm just about ready to deliver my new home based business web site! Can you believe it?



Hold it...pant, now..... PUSH!!!!!!!

Almost here!

I have the Website Blueprint all planned out:

    * Each web page that I have planned so far is keyword rich, plump and ever so captivating.

    * My friend is drawing up my logo.

    * Baby's name: Can Do Kids Crafts.

    * Birth certificate will read:

I would love your two little adorable rascals, Bits and Bytes to be the godparents, so could you pass on the request?

I also have a special position for Gnomely but it is going to be a surprise!

The virtual bedroom is all decked out and it looks fabulous.

I'm getting my birthing coach to double check that all is in place for the website delivery scheduled for tomorrow...

I'm just so excited!

As I said before...

It will be a heroic effort:
Push, breathe, no breathe, hold it, now breathe, now...
PUSH. . .!!!!!!

Marylyn(aka soon to be NannieCanDo)

P.S.: I already have the slogan ready...


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Your Very Own Home Based Business Web Site is Almost Here!
by: Sue


I can hardly WAIT!

It's just so exciting to build your very own home based business web site isn't it?

Just think of it, in less than a month your very own home based business web site is about to launch onto the WWW.

Your slogan is awesome too...

Trust me; anyone who has ever built a website feels your pain and your joy!

But taking the time to research and do it right (as much as is possible) makes all the difference in building a successful and (someday soon) profitable web business.

Ah shucks! Bits and Bytes would be so proud to be the Godparents! I'm sure they are off scampering around Cyber Heaven bragging about their new role after hearing the news...

Gnomely wants to be the honorary Grandfather if you wouldn't mind him butting in (though when has that ever stopped him before?) on your "Can Do" glory.

I'm here doing the virtual breathing exercises right along side of you.

Hey, I'm going to start planning the Christening party right away.

Your new cyber baby is going to get his (or her?) very first link at the party too... Web-Site-Building-Tips can't wait to show him off!

Waiting anxiously,


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