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More Website Niche Ideas

by Marylyn

Even More Website Niche Ideas!

Even More Website Niche Ideas!

Hi Sue,

Oh dear! I have even more website niche ideas!

It always amazes me when you start to focus on something then all sorts of strange things begin to happen.

I was all ready to start mapping out my plans for a website on Australian Beaches then I just happened to be looking a two websites of other people that who have been helping me here and there and. . .

Whether it is by coincidence or by a natural subconscious process I honed in on Kids Crafts as a possible concept for my website, the fact remains is this:

Two of the wonderful people helping me have sites on that very same topic! (Gulp!)

I don't wish to upset anyone and I am shaking my head wondering why this very specific theme and targeted happenings have been popping up and staring at me in the face.

The law of attraction seems to be in full swing here.

I am so intrigued about creating a website on children's craft projects but am really worried about offending my helpers.

Am I being directed to not go in the beach direction for my site concept or am I being tested to make sure that this topic is the one that I really want to create a website about?


What do you think?

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More Website Niche Ideas
by: Sue

Hi Marylyn,

Go with your heart and your passion!

You will put your own voice and your own spin on children's crafts. There are literally a gazillion other people and companies who have a website on skin care (one of my other sites) and it is actually quite helpful and nice.

We share information, links, articles and our experience with affiliates with each other. Each of our sites is somewhat different so although we are each other's competitors, we each have our own "niche" on skin care.

With this site, Website Tips, EVERYONE on the internet seems to have a similar site!

But I love building websites and really want to help people like me who know NOTHING about site building get off to a good start. (Plus, I get to create an entertaining cast of characters to help me!!)

So my bottom line...

Who cares?

The site will reflect your passion and knowing you, you will put a fun and hysterical twist on each and every page. Kids and their Mom's will love that!

So I say, if it is a topic that you are really enthusiastic about-


Your struggle kind of reminds me of how people get mad when you choose a name for your baby that you have always loved just because it is the "special" name they have chosen for their own child.

Well, I'm not always going to have the same neighbors or colleagues at work but I will always have my child so their feelings (as important as they are) are not going to influence my decision on what to name my baby! (This really did happen and my neighbor and so called friend never talked to me again...)

Oh well. That was their loss. They now live across the country and I could care less!

Marylyn, follow your heart and your passion...


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