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My Thoughts for Cool Kids Web Sites for Starting a Web Business

by Marylyn (SuperNan)

Cool Kids Web Sites Will Make Starting a Web Business so Much Fun!

Cool Kids Web Sites Will Make Starting a Web Business so Much Fun!

Hi Sue,

Phew! I've had so many thoughts for cool kids web sites that I am totally exhausted.

Talk about becoming numbers bound when searching for the best keywords for starting a web business that has promise to become successful. I am totally mentally constipated at the moment and suffering from a horrendous aching brain.

Running the keyword profitability numbers for what I have first intended my new site to be had me running around in circles, confused, disillusioned and at a loss to what I was doing!

However. . .

I read and read and read and read the action guide to clearly cement the process for starting a website in my brain. Then I read it some more. I've watched the Site Build It Action Guide over and over again to learn the first few steps to take in building a website so I do everything right.

I still got confused.

Then today, right out of the blue, I think I found something!

A concept!

It's a concept that I know will keep me motivated and having fun at the same time for years to come.

The major site concept keywords figures look very promising too!

What you think?

Kids Crafts

    Keyword Demand: 49568
    Keyword Supply: 12997
    Keyword Profitability: 3814

The depth for this very cool kid's web site looks great too. There are plenty of T2 and T3 subject matter to create tons of captivating content.

In the early days when I was exploring how to go about starting a web business, I read Elad's website building case study story about how he hadn't a clue about how to go about creating a website and now look at his incredible success! All revolving around a web business that focuses on kid's birthday party ideas. What fun!

I am thinking that I would like to brand this website just like Elad did for his and build a similar ebusiness using his model... He is so-o-o darn clever!

Now my mind is twirling about madly trying to think of a great brand name.

I'll keep you informed.

Yes... I know!

My new idea of creating cool kids web sites is a very long way from a website on Australian Beach Vacations!

In the meantime, keep well and keep in touch.


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I Love Your Cool Kids Web Sites Idea!
by: Sue

WOW Marylyn!

Those keyword supply and demand numbers are terrific!

You can go in a million different directions with that topic too!

Not to mention the monetizing opportunities, affiliate arrangements, branding, etc...

I'm jealous now!

That topic will be so FUN to work on too...

You can invent little downloadable "project" kits to sell for just a few dollars each so you will have your very own product to sell as well.

The possibilities for cool kid's web sites on crafts and art projects are literally endless.

You can even have a link for Poppit, your little love, to contribute her advice and build an audience through her recommendations!

Then, of course, I can see how SBI's Content Building Module could help expand that site right off the bat by inviting your visitors to make contributions of their own Kid Crafts Ideas...



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