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One Woman's Internet Web Business Mission to Go Inward Go Outward Go Forward

by Mikki
(Reno, NV USA)

Internet Web Business Mission to

Internet Web Business Mission to

Why an Internet Web Business to "Go Inward-Go Outward-Go Forward"?

One day you are a Parent, Wife, and Daughter. The next day you are alone, single and grieving. It will happen.

Nothing is forever.

Having transversed these turbulent waters, I am in great understanding of the grief process. My oldest Daughter was killed her senior year at Christmas. This on the heels of at the time of my most broken trust, resulting in a painful divorce. My Mother falling to a very obscure disease which took her from us so quickly.

Talk about losing your most staunch supporters.

We each will at one time journey through this maze of details, shock, loneliness, anger, decisions, forms to fill out, confusion and depression. However keep faith there is also acceptance and new beginnings.

Life balance, and Grief coaching is that for me.

Finding out what is important to me. Life values.

Reinventing my life for the second half has brought deeper meaning and yes, happiness.

Spending many years in the corporate environment, multi level management feels like dress rehearsal for this new adventure into Coaching.

My greatest joy was helping people learn and grow personally and in business. We are all more than what our life journey and trials have shaped us to be.

Pain is necessary. So are tears. They do help. Crying is a healing device. Tears contain leucine-enkephalin a natural pain reliever of the brain. A hormone that encourages secretion of tears is prolactin. Women are able to cry more than men due in
part to this hormone.

Everyday brings life's changes.

Holiday's, anniversaries, and special events take on their own hurdles to overcome. These must be dealt with. Plan ahead and do what you want.

Others well meaning ways may try to manipulate you. One thing I do is help people understand.

When others are uncomfortable with death or change, they will say or do dumb things. Forgive these people. Not being able to say your loved ones name, look you in the eye, or give a hug is not out of meanness just misunderstanding of needs.

To pull yourself out of the heartache and grief, "Go inward".

Encourage yourself to be forgiving of yourself "Go outward".

Seek your supportive network. Find that thing that you can honor them and yourself by doing, teaching or being.

"Go forward", challenge your fears, be inspired.

Grief is an intensely personal process. Coaches support people through the process helping them find their way again after loss.

Having an internet web business as a portal to reach those looking for a unique relationship for change and encouragement is so important.

By helping others we help ourselves.

My personal ability to "dance in the moment", brings to others what was given to me. I help people to empower themselves to go inward, go outward, and go forward; through motivation, support and directive for balance and change in their lives.

I have been inspired, inspired others, and aspire to give back more.

Dedicated in loving memory to my heart Meschelle, and my inspiration Shirley.

Thank You,
Mikki F.

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WOW! What a Great Internet Web Business Mission!
by: Carlie

What a sad yet at the same time amazing story. Your attitude is truly inspiring, particularly in having to deal with so much grief.

I LOVE the idea for your website. Having lost dear ones it would be wonderful to find a common place to connect with others and to learn how others manage to get through each day.

Turning your grief into such a wonderful mission that will benefit others is just amazing.

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