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Save Time!
Streamline Your Article Submission Process Easier By Using a Template and Article Submitter Software

Online Web MarketingUsing an efficient article submission process as an online web marketing strategy is actually quite a simple process.

The more organized you are, the more you can accomplish in less time.

Use your time efficiently!

Using a good article submission software like this free version from The Internet Marketing Wish List helps the process of article submission go much faster and efficiently.

And will save you literally hours of time!

The article submission process isn't difficult but it is certainly tedious.

You can save yourself some time by streamlining the procedure a bit by reading the criteria of each article site you will submit your articles to that have a high rank with the search engines.

Now this is very IMPORTANT. . .

In your word processing program set up a simple template that captures the following:

  • Headline
  • Short Summary Description of Article
  • Keywords
  • Article Author Resource Box
  • Link Options
You are welcome to use this simple article submission template, (yes it's FREE), that I developed for you to help expedite the submission process.

Format your links two different ways for each article.

Keep a master list of the article sites with high page rank with an active link, your login information and the articles that you have submitted to each. That way you can click directly to the article site, copy paste your login information and off you go.

Be sure to set up a separate author's profile when allowed,
(or as the last paragraph of your article), with yet another
link or two back to the web page of your MWR.

To save some time and speed up your online web marketing strategies and the article submission process there are several different article submitter software programs available.

business opportunity

SBI! Traffic Test

This particular submission software has a quick and easy set-up, stores login information, pre-populates the article, keeps track of which article you have submitted to which site, and significantly speeds up the tedious process.

Give the free version test drive.
As they say, "Try it, you'll like it!"

Just click on the article submitter tab at the top of this web page to access the FREE version.

If you find the software helpful, the paid version has a very extensive list of high ranking article sites which I highly recommend.

  Don't miss a thing. . .

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