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Personnal Experience in Setting Up an Expensive Go Nowhere eCommerce Website Business

by Delmus

eCommerce Website Business

eCommerce Website Business

Since I signed a "no trash our service" contract in exchange for getting some of my money back, I can't divulge to much information about my old ecommerce website business.

Let's just say, they promised that ol' bucket full of gold nuggets at the end of the rainbow, and all I found after workin it for 2.5 years was a nice google ranking "3", a fairly good Alexa rating of <600,000. Which I believe put me in the top 1-2%.


Well, we won't go there. No need, cause you'd get lost pretty quick due to lack of road signs, milestones, and numbers!

The business model for this company was simply: You build the website using OUR tools; Only OUR tools, OUR merchant service, etc. You will then get rich, just build it and they will come.


Posted one day in the forums that I participate in, was a little splirb about a free ebook on "Making Your Site Sell". My wife asked me at 3 am that night, (or was it morning?), "What are you doing?"

I said, "I think this makes sense. A lot of sense!"

One of the key things I had missed was niche competition. If it's too great, you gotta have a bigger bat.

After reading another ebook around the same subject "Make Your Knowledge Sell" I called to get additional info. and signed up for an SBI website.

Thus was born Easy Oil Painting Techniques

That was 11 months ago and I've never looked back!

This new company and all their tools helped me determine one of my passions, and find a profitable niche to utilize it.

It also has shown me what an internet hosting service can truly provide in the background, (search engine submissions for example) to help build a successful ecommerce website
business. Also, I learned what a fabulous site building training program should be.

So lessons learned!

Don't go out and pay $6500 dollars for something that is available for $300 a year and provides 10x's the service. Hosting fees/domain name registration/site building tools/training, and way more!

Do your research, and don't get caught up in a get rich quick, high pressure seminar with all the hype!

Stick with a Site Build It website!

* * *

Hi Delmus,

You too? I did the EXACT same thing before I discovered SBI! What a waste of time and a huge expense.

The ridiculous web hosting service that I tried the first time I attempted building my ecommerce website business actually started charging me for each web page beyond the pitiful number they included in their hosting fee.

Needless to say, I was spending well over $50 a month before I decided I needed the change hosting providers and fast!

In comes SBI 2.0 riding a white charger with all the features and services included in the monthly hosting fee of $29.99 a month and I fell in love at first sight! I haven't looked back since.

The best way to improve your ecommerce website business is to have your site hosted with the best company on the internet!

Psst... that would be SBI!

Do I sound a bit biased? Well, your darn right! I am!

SBI rescued my ebusiness and helped me learn how to grow it beyond my wildest dreams, so of course I'm just a teeny, tiny bit biased... :-)

It was easy to transfer my website to SBI and learn how to transform all my blunders into online marketing strategies that actually worked to bring in both traffic and sales!

From one raving SBI fan to another. . .

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

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Thank You All!
I started this website a few years ago as a labor of love to help others learn how to build their own web business.
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