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Researching the Best Website Niche Ideas

by Marylyn (SuperNan)

The Best Website Niche Ideas Takes a Whole Lot of Investigation!

The Best Website Niche Ideas Takes a Whole Lot of Investigation!

Hi Sue,

Isn't it funny. I've been researching so many of the best website niche ideas I have found from all the different site concepts and keywords I have investigated that I feel like I've turned into the WWW's "Super Sleuth!"

I had managed to acquire a ton of keywords in my research and yesterday came up with "beach vacation" as a good website possibility.

I have been reading and studing the SBI Action Guide to help guide me in the process.

I am discovering that interpretation is everything and I have not been interpreting very well it seems.

It is very clear that this whole keyword thingy is crucial to the success of the new site and I agree with you that taking the time to do it right, (tortoising), right from the beginning will be critical to the success of my new website venture.

I am thinking of creating a website on Australian Beaches because they are in my backyard, whereas the keyword "beach vacations" is far more general...

Marylyn (SuperNan)

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What's the Best Website Niche Idea?
by: Marylyn

Hi Teach,

I have come up with 3 concept keywords...

#1. beach: 403042, 3335467, 121
Offers great Tier 2 and Tier 3 topics but huge numbers

#2. coastal: 22414, 334033, 67
offers limited Topics for some reason and borderline numbers

#3. seaside: 17488, 127560, 137
offers limited topics once again but the figures would appear to be the best choice, so I believe.

For possible domain names I could use: is available is available is available

This is where I am now a little blocked in my thinking.

If you can possibly shed a little light and point me in the right direction would appreciate a tip or two. This is the hardest part of the process I think.


Your Site Concept Is a Great Website Niche Idea
by: Sue

Hi Marylyn,

Beach vacations is a wonderful site concept, however your keywords are very, very broad and highly competitive. I expect that it will take you a very long time to rank well for any of those.

Try tightening up your website niche idea to a topic about the beach, the seaside, coastal and/or beach vacations to something much more specific then you won't have to battle so hard for placement on the first page of search results.

Using two to three word keyword phrases is a helpful strategy to narrow down your site concept to one that will focus on a specific area of beach and/or vacations.


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