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Sample of a Consumer Product Review

by Bits and Bytes
(Cyber Space)


Are you curious about what your consumer product review will look like once it is published as a web page on this site?

We thought so!

It's Bits and Bytes here, your ever helpful (and we hope your very favorite) site building cyber whiz kids.

Sample of Consumer Product Review

We prepared this sample product review especially for you. . .

Our review is on a very special and highly engaging resource for you that will literally knock your socks off.

It's a very unique "How To" Website Building Resource created especially for technologically challenged folk.
(Like Sue. But please don't tell her we're blabbing that around the internet or she'll likely sequester us in virtual purgatory for goodness knows how long.)

So here's what your consumer product review will look like once you hit the "Review It!" button. . .

* Your Consumer Product Review *

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Description: Free online website building resource for both newbies and seasoned webmasters alike. This is a website that is literally jammed-packed with a gazillion web site building tips, techniques and strategies.

Pros: This comprehensive website offers step-by-step instruction and advice on notonly building a website but in building your own profitable online business.

Cons: We have been pestering Sue to start making a series of short, simple "How To" videos series on
all aspects of the site building process. (Wouldn't that be grand?) Most humans are visual so creating a step-by-step version of all of the "How To's" would be ever so helpful, don't you think?

Recommendation: is an excellent resource for anyone (and everyone) interested in starting their own online business. It is a website that is especially a helpful goldmine for those who think they CAN'T because this particular website teaches how even the most "e"lliterate person absolutely CAN!
(Trust us, if Sue can anyone can.)

Most Popular Reviews:


In no time at all, this entire section will be jammed-packed with the highest rated review of those "must have" site building products and
resources that will help the process of turning your website into an amazingly profitable ebusiness!

So stay tuned. . .

Once these product reviews get rock'in and roll'in along, you'll know exactly which web 2.0 tools, SEO website tools and site building
resources are the most worthwhile and which ones are a spammy, scammy waste of time and money.

Wishing you Site Building
and eBusiness Success,

Best Consumer Product Reviews

Bits and Bytes
along with the entire Team

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We almost forgot. . .

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As you know, as the two most renown virtual cyber whiz kids on the WWW of all time, we are insatiably curious! But don't worry, we don't bite or anything. . . we're too adorable to do anything so disgustingly icky.




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Comments for Sample of a Consumer Product Review

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Bits and Bytes Consumer Product Review Sample
by: T.G.


Hilarious! Thanks for that sample review. But then again, I do so enjoy the eZine written in Bits and Bytes "voice". They are both informative and hysterical- all at the same time.

I really enjoy this site and am looking forward to submit a few reviews of my own. I'm looking forward to learning what products other website owners find the most helpful and useful.

P.S. I'm definately a "groupie" type of fan of Bits and Bytes as well as Gnomely and his "Don't Do It! Stories. . .

Keep up the entertaining (yet very helpful and informative) good work!


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