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Customize Your SBI eCommerce Department Identification Badge


The Chicago Site Build It! Conference has granted all attendees
the coveted status of "Special Agent" acting as conference participants for the SBI Bureau of Internet Affairs.

Are you attending the Chicago SBI Conference in September?

(Everyone will certainly be expecting you so you better be there!)

Your passion and efforts have not gone unrecognized.  
By the cyber power I invested by me in myself, I am hereby pleased as punch to appoint you to "Special Agent" status of the Site Build It! Department of eCommerce, Bureau of Internet Affairs: SBI Division of Online Business.

Please take this opportunity to save this badge of SBI honor to your computer and customize it as befits your new and highly exalted SBI "Special Agent" status for the Chicago conference.

This badge will provide the proper identification for that poor, misguided and exceptionally confused (and occasionally irritating) reservation clerk who has been expecting an entourage of FBI agents rather than SBI conference attendees who have been chosen as Special Agents representing the SBI Bureau of Internet Affairs- Division of Online Business Solutions.

Your SBI "Special Agent" identification badge template:

Simply right click your mouse and select "save picture as" to a file folder on your computer.

SBI Bureau of Internet Affairs Badge


  • Open the SBI ID badge template in your graphics program. (I use Picnic which is available in the SBI Graphics Headquarters).
  • Insert your photo into the box
  • Insert a text box with your signature after "Special Agent"
  • Insert another text box with the name of your website(s) in the last block


You're done!

Resize your badge if you like, print it out on card stock, and take it to your local office supply store to have it laminated.

May I suggest also purchasing a retractable ID Badge clip so you can easily flash it to the front desk clerk at the hotel. Finally, a pair of dark sun glasses, fedora, and trench coat with the collar turned up will complete your assemble.

Alternative SBI "Special Agent" Identification badges include:
  • Shelly the SBI Tortoise
  • Incognito
  • SBI eCommerce Genie
  • NO, NO, NO Photo
  • Mystery Fun Glasses
  • SiteSell Logo

Click here to select one of these ID badges:

Here's the link to view samples of completed ID badges:

Isn't this Fun?

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A HUGE thanks to the "SBI!" software that made it possible for even an "e"dummy like me learn how to build a website that's now profitable internet business.

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