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Small Business Internet Marketing
The Important Role Website Analysis
Plays in Business Market Research

Small Business Internet Marketing A critically important part of your small business internet marketing plan is to conduct a thorough competitor website analysis in your identified niche.

In other words, what's your competitor up to?

This analysis will help you research options for a successful web site marketing strategy.

Think of it as an undercover "I Spy" mission!

Your business market research assesses what the competitor websites do well and more importantly, what they don't do well.

You want to determine the primary focus of your major competitor's niche so that you can develop your small business plan and web site marketing strategy from a unique perspective of your niche.

Many think that conducting a small business internet marketing analysis is complicated and too time consuming.

Well, it doesn't have to be.

All you really need to do is take a peek at your potential competitors so that you can clearly define a niche for yourself that either hasn't been thoroughly addressed yet or one that you can present in a unique way.

Be very critical. . .

  • Analyze the focus of your competitors.
  • Review the presentation and delivery of their information.
  • What are they missing that would be helpful for people to know? 
  • If the niche is very closely related to yours, could present your information in different way?

For instance, you could present your information in a do-it-yourself style, "how to", or e-learning format. Your competitor website analysis will determine what they are doing and how you can do it differently (and better!)

Your business market research will help you shape the focus, direction and purpose of how you will implement your ebusiness web site marketing strategy.

How do you conduct a competitor website analysis?

Simply use your favorite search engine and visit websites to learn who your competitors are and how they are reaching visitors.

For example, say you have decided that your site theme will be about transforming a home into an environmentally friendly living space. You discover during your market analysis that the majority of websites on this topic focus on construction, renovations and the utilization of "green" materials.

You take special note that you aren't able to find any information on a do-it-yourself approach for small projects that will gradually transform a living space into a greener more environmentally friendly space.


There's your perfect ebusiness website niche!

Your unique niche will focus on helpful information for a DIY approach to "going greener" in small, manageable projects that will gradually transform any living space into an eco friendly environment.

You then narrow down your monetizing opportunities to identify quick and easy resources (in the form of products and services of course) for your visitors to convert their environments into greener ones.


Your internet market and website analysis has clearly defined a profitable small business website niche that you can launch for the benefit of the millions of people around the world interested in converting their living spaces into environmentally friendly ones!

There certainly is a time factor involved in this research phase of conducting a comprehensive small business internet marketing analysis but it doesn't have to be all consuming.

"Conducting a critical assessment of
the competition forms the foundation for a
comprehensive internet business market
research and marketing analysis that will
help you develop a successful web
site marketing strategy."

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