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To Create a Small Business Web Site
Begin With a Plan

small business web site"Creating a small business web site development plan" sounds so official and formal doesn't it?

And it's sure a mouthful too!

Well, all it means is that you are going to outline your ideas then research all the elements necessary to build the foundation for a successful web based business.

Your notes on the findings of your research will eventually become your small business website plan. So just grab a scrap a paper and start jotting down your thoughts.

How formal is that?

We'll list all the aspects that you need to consider as you begin the research for building your website.

This is your first step of the website planning process and the most important!

Of all the phases of website development, this is the step where you will benefit the most by taking all the time necessary to research all aspects of your soon to be small business.

Taking the time to plan out your website will literally save you countless hours down the road.

As you may have guessed the very first critical thing you need is. . .
Ta Da:

"The Idea"!

You will learn how to brainstorm website topics and refine your ideas into defining a selected topic for your own specialty "niche" on the internet. A profitable niche of course!

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Then you will be able to more forward with the next steps in formulating a comprehensive internet business plan. You will develop a web site plan that will clearly establish your business perspective, framework, purpose and goals.

Though, when described like that developing a website business plan can begin to sound just a bit more complicated than it actually is.

As a matter of fact, the planning process for building a small business website can be compared to doing an ordinary daily chore like preparing dinner for yourself (or your family).

Believe it or not, they both include the very same activities.

Let's break it down to the basics:

It really isn't any harder than deciding what you are going to make for dinner.

  • What's for dinner? (The Idea)
  • Preparing your shopping list (The Plan)
  • Determining which store has chicken on sale (Research/Market Analysis)
  • Organizing your ingredients, utensils and cookware before you start the meal preparation process (Organizing/Structure)
  • Preparing the dinner (Hosting/Building Your Website)


Developing your plan for your website just became much simpler didn't it?

Once you have the vision of your web site thoroughly explored you can roll up your sleeves and begin formulating the specific elements of your plan.

The essential website planning steps include:

Your small business web site plan is already
starting to take shape isn't it?

business opportunity

Find Your Niche

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Your wheels are really starting to turn now aren't they?

Keep jotting down your thoughts and don't get all elaborate. Keep it simple. Nothing fancy. You are developing your small business web site plan just for you after all.

Your plan will keep you focused on building success!
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