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Starting an Online Business

Fill Your Empty Nest by Starting an Online Business:
  Give Birth to Your Own Cyber Baby!
(Part 2)

Starting an Online Business

Cyber Baby Series:

Low and behold, reminiscent of the miracle of Immaculate Conception, I gave birth again!

As history has demonstrated time and time again, when these type of affairs tend to happen, they all seem to begin quite slowly and innocently enough.

They usually start as a little, tiny, half-baked notion that quickly gains enough momentum to explode into a full-fledged expression of passion overnight. More quickly than I thought possible, my enthusiastic expectancy bloomed into the most delightful creation of an endearing virtual entity.

Starting an online business is just so exciting!

The nurturing of a single yet simple idea led to the remarkable birth of this beautiful Cyber Baby who painstakingly emerged along with its very own domain. Almost immediately, this brand new cyber being was happily snuggled into its own secure little niche on the internet as a viable internet small business.

And you know what?

The labor wasn't nearly as long or as painful as the others I've endured in the past. What was once a forlorn and empty nest filled with profound silence and boredom just a few short months ago is now overflowing with the joy and the excitement with starting an online business with the help of my newborn Cyber Baby!

At once very similar yet amazing different then raising my other
two children, I have discovered that parenting a Cyber Baby is
full of opportunities and "do overs".

It's so gratifying to know that if I don't get it right the first, second or even the third time, I can revise my strategy whenever I want. I can stop, change or totally overhaul my approach in order to encourage the exact response that I desire.

Now just stop and imagine what that would be like for a moment. It's literally any parent's dream come true, isn't it?

And this amazing new parenting experience
doesn't stop there.

I can mess-up over and over again!
(and I do. . .)

I can have a hearty conniption fit; all without so much as even a virtual blink of my cyber baby's big, beautiful webcam eye. There is no talking back, not even in a low undertone of nonsensical babbling geek speak.

The only feedback I ever receive is the reassuringly soft whispering hum of my baby's contentedness.

What else can I possibly say?

Starting an online business and becoming a
Cyber Ma Ma of a newborn yet flourishing
internet small business totally rocks!

Like all rapidly developing infants, this Cyber Baby has a voracious appetite. Fortunately, the feeding schedule is entirely up to me, even though I have found that virtual babies are almost always insatiably ravenous for content. Whether it is little teeny tiny delectable tidbits of content or big huge beefy hearty hunks, a cyber baby greedily gobbles it all up faster than you can dish it out.

As quickly as the content is consumed and digested, the inevitable daily movements come to pass.

However, that formerly dreaded changing time when your significant other has inexplicably managed to disappear, has now become a delight in recycling those deposits in the form of disposable income right into the bank rather than loading up the local landfill.

So now, rather than having to deal with the periodic spit-up that I will forever associate with the unforgettable putrid smell of sour milk, I now find myself quite thrilled when my little Cyber Baby spews forth a bounty of welcomed hard, cold cash by starting an online business.

What is even more thrilling is that I have gradually come to discover, (since I openly admit to being a technological "e"lliterate), is that when you get the formula just right a Cyber Baby has growth spurts in astonishing leaps and bounds.

I just adore that my precocious little darling uses the world-wide-web as a virtual teething ring to present inspiration and opportunity to others around the globe interested in creating their own internet small business.

It still amazes me when I give my Cyber Baby a carefully rationed dose of input, that the range of output this wee little one projects throughout the vast realm of cyber space is the virtual venue that serves as the perfect interface to develop solid, long-lasting friendships with a host of like-minded individuals from around the vastness of the World-Wide-Web.

It is these strong relationships that nourishes and serves to propel the growth of this new internet small business as my Cyber Baby develops solid connections around the globe.

Haven't you ever had one of your children
give you the business?

Well, when a Cyber Baby gives you "the business" you can expect. . .

Click here for the rest of the story:    Continued: Cyber Baby Part 3

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Cyber Baby Series:

Can you be a work-at-home-mom too?
Of course you can!  
Watch and see. . . 

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