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Choosing the Best Web
Domain Names
Your Website Address

What's in the perfect web domain names?

Why everything!

Internet domain names represent the website address on the internet.

It's your calling card to visitors.
Web Domain Names

  • The perfect website address will deliver a great first impression.
  • It will help visitors remember your site and come back to visit.
  • Your web address is how you will immediately establish your presence on the internet so make it a good one.

The key factors to consider in choosing the perfect web domain name. . .

  • Explains your site theme
  • Accurately reflects your business
  • Short and simple is best
  • Easy to remember
  • Uses profitable keywords related to your site theme

Let's use my friend Sal as an example:

Sal runs a consulting business "Sal's Design" out of the basement of his house. I'm sure your first questions might be, "Who the heck is Sal, Why do I even care, and What type of design does he do?"

Is it architectural designs, website design, fashion design, tattoo designs. . .

Well, actually Sal does interior redesign specifically for real estate companies who want to re-stage homes in order to generate faster sales.

Sal is considering building a website to promote his consulting design business. He wants to name his website "www.Sals-Designs" to match his business cards.

No way!

That's not a good idea at all is it?


Because it doesn't give enough information about what his website will be about nor does it use a profitable keyword phase.

Fire up your Search It! tool and you'll see what I mean. (Plug in your keyword(s) and be sure to select keyword worth.) You can also use this free webmaster tool to search for the perfect domain name for your site!

Now Back to Sal:

A better option for Sal would be to choose a website address that utilized the keyword phase "interior redesign".

Depending on the availability of domain names, Sal's web address could be interior redesign advice, interior redesign plans, interior redesign tips, and so on.

I personally would vote for online interior design for Sal's domain name. It is a nice keyword phrase and has the added bonus of an estimated keyword value of over $11 while interior redesign is valued just over $2.

If you need help deciding give this handy dandy Choose It! webmaster tool a whirl (yes, it's free too) or simply do an internet search using the term "internet domain name generator" to help you determine the best www.address for your site theme.

A word of warning!

website addressAlways carefully analyze your potential website address from all angles.

These are some prime examples of how web domain names could easily be misinterpreted:

* Choose Spain or www.ChoosesPain
* Winters Express or www.WinterSexPress
* Childrens Wear or www.ChildrenSwear

And my all time personal favorite. . .

A computer company's slogan of "Get your IP computer software anywhere" translates into a domain name of  (*snicker, snicker*)

"Web domain names are a critically important
factor in the overall formula for achieving
online business success."

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