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Web Graphics: How to Resize Images?

by Marty

Resizing Images for Your Website on the WWW

Resizing Images for Your Website on the WWW

Why are web graphics so difficult? Is there a secret for how to resize images properly? How do you change the size of web graphics without them becoming really distorted and fuzzy looking?

I really, really need to learn how to resize graphics properly so my site looks more professional and polished- not so amateurish. My abilities with graphics are practically nil to non-existent so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

What I've been doing is using the image tags of width and height to resize the images so they fit nicely within the content on my web pages. Some come out looking okay and others are nothing short of a huge, messy eyesore. Why?

What is the secret in how to resize images so they look nice and crisply professional? Am I doing something wrong?

I'm convinced that web graphics simply hate me!

Thanks in Advance for Your Help. . .


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Resizing Images and Web Graphics
by: Sue

Hi Marty,

Web graphics can be a nightmare for many a webmaster can't they? The easiest way to resize images and to keep a sharp, crisp clarity is to resize them in a graphics editor rather than to resize them using the image width and height HTML tag.

One of the easiest image resizing resources I have found is (It's free and quite easy to use). Just load your graphic, use the resize image button and select the width that you want the image to be. (I usually choose the width in pixels rather than in inches.)

Remember, if you are going to use a larger graphic, make sure to compress it (some graphic program even have a save option that asks if you want to save the graphics as web ready- you do!) in your graphics editor so that your web page will load quickly.

I actually compress all the graphics I use on my websites, big or small, to make sure that the page load time is as fast as possible.

Hope that helps,

P.S. There are also some other free graphic editors on the Website Resources page of the site if you wanted to give a few different ones a test drive.

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