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Web Hosting Packages
Comparing Features of a
Web Hosting Service

Carefully review web hosting packages in order to get the most features for the least amount of money.

You need to know exactly what features to looking for in a web hosting service.

web hosting packages
Conduct a side-by-side web hosting comparison before you select the website hosting service for your ebusiness.

I'll list them all right here for you so you can be sure that you get:

More for less!

There are many factors you need to consider when selecting the right web host provider.

You will want answers for questions like:
  • What exactly do I need to look for?
  • Why do I need these features?
  • What will it cost?
  • Will I get the help and support I need?

So here is what you need to do when you start to carefully compare web hosting packages. . .

When you start to seriously market your website you will find that features like a blog, autoresponder, newsletter and forms are important tools to use that help grow your traffic, increase your site's visibility on the internet, develop relationships with your visitors and interact with your potential customers.

It's all the great ebusiness strategies you will
become involved with as you build your profitable
online ecommerce website.

As your site grows you are going to find that you will need these webmaster tools in order to implement many of your website marketing strategies.

There are the features that are considered "must haves" when assessing a good website hosting service.

They are. . .

  • Domain Name Registration:
    Save on this yearly expense and renewal process by selecting a web host that includes domain name registration as part of the annual fee.

  • Web Site Hosting Space:
    Look for unlimited web page creation hosting space. As your website grows you don't want to face the possibility of paying an additional monthly fee in order to add more web pages, create a store, or to grow your site in any other way.

  • Keyword Analysis and Keyword Profitability Assessment Tool:
    This is an essential feature that you will need to use continually when building your website. (After all, selecting great keywords for each and every web page is the foundation of a successful website).  

    A web host that includes a keyword analysis tool saves an additional monthly expense because you won't need to purchase a separate keyword search program or service like Word Tracker that can cost upwards of $300 a year.

  • Point and Click Site Building System:
    Easy "fill-in-the-blank" templates and site builder system that streamlines the creation of web pages without the pain and agony of figuring out how to do it yourself.

  • Automatic Site Map Creation and Search Engine Submission:
    Saves time, energy, and avoids headaches; especially for the technologically challenged.

  • Customizable Templates:
    Identify a website host that allows the flexibility to adapt the standard template options or allows the flexibility to create your own website template in order to give your website its own branding and unique identity with your own customized look and feel.

  • Web Page Analysis for Search Engine Optimization:
    Look for web hosting packages that include an automated analysis of each web page for SEO to promote faster listing with the major search engines and to ensure that the search engine spiders are happy with the strategic use of keywords and the keyword density in the content on each web page.

  • Link Checker:
    Saves time and guarantees that all hyper links on your site are active. (Search engines frown upon broken links and may penalize your site.)

  • Blogging Option:
    Increases site visibility and keeps content fresh and updated; especially when the blogging function is automated. (An automated blogging feature initiates posts automatically every time you add a new web page or update existing web pages). This makes the search engine spiders very, very happy.

  • Traffic Stats:
    Saves time and energy instead of having to integrate an outside website statistical analysis tool which can be a major pain in the kabunzies.

  • Auto-Responders:
    Saves an additional monthly fee as well as your time by not having to subscribe to a separate service which can cost between $15 to $35 or more a month.

  • Form Builder:
    Eliminates the need to integrate an outside resource when providing a site contact form, polls, questionnaires, ecourses, and so forth.

  • RSS Feeds:
    RSS automatically updates your website on a regular basis with a variety of feed sources which eliminates an extremely tedious site building chore.

  • Web Mail:
    You need an email address that is directly associated with your site domain name. Look for web hosting packages that include an unlimited capacity to send, receive, save and file messages.

  • Newsletter:
    An automated newsletter function from the collection of email addresses in the sign-up process to the generation of the newsletter template and mail out function allows for easy list building and management.

  • Support and Technical Assistance:
    Look for unlimited availability for help from the web hosting service through all phases of creating and maintaining your website.

  • Money Back Guarantee:
    If you try a website hosting service and it doesn't work for you or you don't like it be sure the company offers a free trial or will give you a refund!

It looks like quite a long list but you will find that you are going to eventually need all of these features as you website grows and you implement your marketing strategy.

Now I bet you are wondering why I choose the hosting company I use. Well, for the exact reasons that I've outline for anyone researching a web hosting service!  

After comparing all the features offered by the top rated web hosting packages I chose Site Build It! because they offer more for less.  (And they also happen to specialize in the tools needed to build a successful eCommerce website!)

My bottom line?

Pay Less, Get More!

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