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No Web Masters Degree Needed!
A DIY Approach to
Building Your Website

Webmasters Degree?
Because I'm a webmaster I bet you think that I'm this super technologically
gifted computer whiz, cyber genius and virtual Einstein. Right?

Well I'm not.

Far from it! web masters

I've gotten my webmasters degree by doing.

By going through the DIY internet learning curve like most other webmasters.

I have earned my web masters degree the old fashioned way.

By degrees!
(Well, actually it was more like trial by fire.)

Yes, I'm afraid it's true.

I've been singed, scorch, and burned on many occasion. I've even been reduced to a crispy critter and turned into complete mental toast more than once.

So no, I don't have official web masters degree. Nor can I imagine needing one
if you just want to build your own ebusiness website.

web masters degreeBelieve it or not, I'm just your normal, average, everyday person who wanted a new hobby (folk art painting was getting old and gardening in New England isn't really a year round activity unless you want to sculpt flowers out of snow) and a way to earn some extra money that didn't involve bagging groceries to help pay two upcoming college tuitions.

And I do it!

So instead of having to find a part-time job to help pay the college bills for my two boys, I have built my websites into small businesses. (I doubt I would have been very good in retail anyways. I probably would have spent more than I would have earned.)

Before you think I had some sort of epiphany regarding some magical internet get-rich-quick formula, built a website, and then immediately made a gazillion dollars let me tell you how it really happened. . .

Quite frankly, building websites takes quite a bit of
determination, persistence and hard work.

I had several discouraging attempts when I first tried building my first site. To be honest, I failed. . .


There was so much that I didn't know and I hadn't a clue where to turn for help. When I was nearly ready to admit defeat I happened to read a consumer review of a website hosting company.

Now, this is when I had a real honest to
goodness epiphany!

(Well, the light bulb went on at least).

I discovered the biggest reason that contributed to my failed attempts. I hadn't known what to look for in a website host! Selecting the wrong hosting company actually proved to be my undoing in my first few site building attempts.

That is why I almost failed. I did some more research and quickly learned that one of the most valuable resources on the internet for building a successful web business is choosing the right website hosting service.

Take a quick peek:

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the Contact Form and I would be happy to answer them for you. (I'd give you my email address but did you know that if you put your email on your website that your inbox will become a new home in the Kingdom of Spamalot?)

I discovered after the first year of site building that owning a website truly does offer a world of unlimited opportunities.

The results for my first website continued to gain momentum and reached the point where in just over a year I could say that the Google Adsense program was paying my mortgage. (Thanks Google!)

Not bad for a part-time job that
I can do in my P.J.'s!

Now many years later, the affiliate arrangements I've integrated into that site have helped to pay two college tuition bills.

I've also starting selling a few of my own e-products which has allow me the freedom to have a bit of discretionary income (for the first time since the kids were babies, I might add) for a lovely romantic dinner now and then along with real honest to goodness vacations. (It really becomes a real honest to goodness vacation if there is an airplane involved instead of a small pop-up camping tent).

I love that!

It's so exciting and gratifying! It's like that feeling you had when you were a little kid running down the hall to the living room to see what Santa left under the tree. Well now I run out to the mailbox to see how many checks the WWW has sent to me.

I can honestly say that there is nothing more rewarding!
The extra income has taken a great deal of stress off the
family finances, which makes both me and my
husband very, very happy.

(Ecstatically happy in fact).


Now don't get me wrong, there is work involved in creating a website!

And for a few, maybe even some blood, sweat and (yes) tears.

A website takes time, planning and maintenance.

Well, actually the site building service I've used the past many years actually does a great deal of the hardest and more tedious work which is a great time saver.

Then once your site is well established you can turn on the auto pilot and just check in on it now and then. Instead of working for your website, your website will be working for you! (24/7 too!)

I've been happily building ebusiness websites and helping others get started on their own web based business for quite a few years now.

I guess that means that I have earned my Web Masters Degree and have become an Internet Entrepreneur. Who would have guessed?

Well how about that? It just sounds so darn fancy doesn't it? (All that and without a official web masters degree at all).

Here's the REST of the story on how I started to build a website and found myself  creating a profitable web business.

Which brings me to my inspiration for
building this website. . .

I've found myself embarking on a new phase of life; "The Empty Nest Syndrome". . .

Now that I have an empty nest, I thought that I would fill it with a new website!

building a websiteAnd, of course, opportunity. (For you and me.)

I have to confess that I fondly refer to my websites as my Cyber Babies, but I digress again.

You can read more about how breathing life into an idea can deliver a Cyber Baby that will fill your empty nest with excitment, adventure and extra income!

Open your own world of opportunity:
I'd like to share the site building tips, techniques and strategies that
I have found helpful throughout the years so you can earn your
own web masters degree by doing-it-yourself!

web masters degree

It's a great opportunity for you to not only become inspired about the opportunities available on the internet but for you to have a guide throughout the process of developing your own small ebusiness.

Working on this site creates a great opportunity for me to give back by sharing what I've learned. Not to mention that it is also a very tangible way to say thank you. (Plus, one can only garden so much).

You see, throughout the years I've had a lot of help getting through some site building hurdles. I have discovered that there are literally entire armies of wonderful people (web masters) out there who are amazing teachers.

What's more, these web masters have always happily problem solved and guided me through whatever mishap I had managed to create.

After all these years, I have found that I have accumulated a rather large treasure trove of knowledge. . .

Since I've been helped so much I'd like to pass along that help to you. And, of course, to have a little fun while sharing site building information with you. I'm willing to bet you've already met a few of this site's web masters helpers already!

website newsYou did sign-up for Bits and Bytes Web Site Tips didn't you?

By creating this site it's like throwing open a treasure trove of tips, techniques and strategies.

Once you start building your own website; put a few Google Adsense ads on some pages, viola!, you have just added two very distinguished job titles to your resume by earning your web masters degree in a do-it-yourself, step-by-step process.

(Hint: You'll also understand what I mean because you are quickly going to find that most people will automatically assume that you are a gifted and talented cyber genius.)

I hope you find all the tips, techniques and strategies as helpful as I have.

web masters degreeRemember when you join the distinguished ranks of the rich and famous web masters to come back and share your success story and consider passing along your help or tips to others.

Share your tips here: Gnomely's Web Masters Help Journal!

Are You Ready to Enjoy Site Building Success?

web masters degreeI am happy to show you how.

Start with an idea and follow along at your own pace.

I'll guide you each step of the way.

You're going to earn your Web Master's degree just like I did.

By doing it yourself!

And before you know it, you will have a successful online ebusiness too.

Exciting isn't it?

My Best,


Have fun and happy site building!

Site Build It!

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Thank You All!
I started this website a few years ago as a labor of love to help others learn how to build their own web business.
(Knowing that if I could, it would be a piece of cake for everyone else on the planet!)

Your feedback and success stories are a constant source of inspiration for me!

A HUGE thanks to the "SBI!" software that made it possible for even an "e"dummy like me learn how to build a website that's now profitable internet business.

Please keep your comments, feedback and questions coming!
I love hearing from you. . .

Share YOUR thoughts Right Here!

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