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Web Site Building Guide
How To Build A Website

The process of web site building starts after you have completed your research and finished outlining your small business website plan.

Now you're ready to begin building a website so what's next?

web site building Your content!

Start with your home page.

A home page briefly describes what your website is about and what it will offer to your visitors.

Remember, it is critical to tell your visitors why your site is going to be helpful to them.

Make your home page engaging!

(Both visually and with your "voice" as expressed by the content you write.)

Clearly and simply state the purpose of your site.

In other words. . .

  • What's in it for your visitors?
  • Why do they care about your particular website?
  • What do you have to offer them?

Tell them!

Show them. Sweep your visitors off their feet.

And do it quickly or they'll be gone as fast as they can click the back button.

how to build a web siteWatch this awesome video on "How to build a Web Site" as your step-by-step site building guide along with the guidance offered to you throughout this site.  (It's free.)


Let's get started then. . .

Start building a website by taking it one step at a time:

  • Home Page: Craft a welcoming home page that clearly states the purpose of the site- Building Your Home Page

  • Web Pages: Learning to make web pages couldn't be easier.  (Using blocks! It's so much fun.)

  • Content: Deliver your content in short bursts of easy to understand information in "scannable" pages- Writing Web Site Content or Use Voice Recognition Software.

  • Graphics: Use just enough graphics to enrich the content of your pages.

  • Site Map: Create a site map so that visitors can quickly find the information they want. This is also a technique that helps the search engines find and list all the content on your site.

  • Contact Page: Give your visitors an option to communicate with you. Create a website contact form.

  • About Page: Visitors like to understand the mission and motivation of the company or webmaster hiding behind the invisible cyber "curtain". Your about me web page is also considered an excellent opportunity for webmaster marketing!

  • Privacy and Disclaimer Statement: Simply a must. At a minimum, a clearly visible website privacy policy is required as well as a condition of participation as specified in the contract terms of the Google Adsense Program.

How to get started building your website step-by-step. . .

Marylyn shares her experience on how she began building her website and learned that starting a web business is something even a grandmother "Can Do"!

"One of the biggest factors to ensure
success on the world-wide-web when building
a web site is by offering great, helpful
content to your visitors that is quick
and easy to understand."

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