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Writing Your Web Site Content
Building Website Content that
Connects with Visitors

"Do you think that preparing web site
content is difficult?"

What do you mean you don't know how to write?

Of course you do!

Many people think that you have to write like a novelist to prepare content for web page.
Web Site Content

That's just not so!

You just need to be brief.  Just tell it like it is. Actually talk to your visitors. Don't write stuffy, boring text that drones on and on.  Don't worry if writing isn't your strength.

You don't have to write your content, it's much better to share it!

Especially since a typical website may have hundreds of pages of content. It all needs to be engaging for your visitors or they won't stay around to read it.

Instead of writing dry, dull technical content let your information shine by talking to your visitors in a sharing, conversational way.

Think of the difference of sitting in a class with a professor lecturing to you or sitting down at your kitchen table with a cup of tea filling your friend in on the latest news.

Website Content

Most visitors would prefer to be your friend at the kitchen table with you, not sitting in a huge lecture hall with the professor droning on and on and on. . .

So talk, don't write when building content.

Really, it is so much easier than laboring over a piece of paper or a keyboard getting each word just right.  

Give it a try.

Sit your self down and talk to your friend. Except you will be writing down what you say at the same time. Close you eyes if you want to but just keep writing without stopping until you are done.

If writing is just to big of a challenge give voice recognition software a try. (It's simply amazing!)

Explain to your friend clearly what you are describing.

Start by stating what you are intending to explain.

Let's say you are building a web page about how to get a cat out of a tree.

First list the many options available to accomplish the outcome:
  • Employ your usual repertoire of attempts including calling, begging, pleading, cajoling

  • Entice cat with a catnip treat, dinner, bowl of cream

  • Climb the tree yourself

  • Get a ladder

  • Beg your neighbor to climb up the ladder since you don't like heights

  • Call the animal control officer for assistance

  • Request the Fire Department to bring the ladder truck

  • Leave the darn cat in the tree because nothing is working

Then sum up your point.

In this case, there are many ways to get a cranky, stubborn, scared cat out of a tree. Sometimes one of the strategies might actually work. It all depends on the cat, the size of the tree, and how willing the neighbor is to climb up the ladder.

Isn't talking and sharing much easier than writing?

If you can write down a recipe, write a thank you note, or answer an email then you can certainly write web site content!

"The key to writing web site content that will draw visitors to your site is to keep it super simple (the K.I.S.S. principle), offer a valuable benefit, and keep it engaging."

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