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Designing a Great Website

Did you know that a web site design is much more than appearance?

As important as the look and feel there are other elements including establishing site structure, navigation, consistency and more.

Website design is also about how you are going to lay out all the components of your website plan.

(You did start by developing a website plan didn't you?)

It may sound like a daunting task but it isn't really. Just take it one step at a time.

Let's start designing your website!

Now the fun begins! Let your creative juices flow.

web site designDo you know the most important web design standard? K.I.S. (Keep it simple.)

Creating the look and feel (L&F) is the really fun part of web site design.

Website hosting companies typically have a selection of website templates to help get you started.

Some host companies even include the flexibility for you to customize the template you select. This is a great feature to look for in a web hosting service because it will allow you visually integrate your  "branding" strategy into the L&F of your site.

Customization of features can range from changing the template color scheme, adding graphics, adjusting the appearance to both the navigation bar and nav buttons to changing the font type and color.

Just refer to the most popular websites on the internet as an example. For instance, check out Google's home page. Can a website design get any simpler than that? However, there is far more to your web site design than the look and feel.

You also need to consider many different factors which impact your overall website design including:

  • Creating your look and feel: Make a great first impression!  Create an appealing logo that is recognizable and lends itself to branding. Your L&F is your calling card after all.

  • Organization of your site's structure: Your site's architecture serves as a road map for your visitors.

  • Choosing your navigation: Implement the mapping of your site to ensure consistent ease in locating information.

  • Web page format and layout: Build "scannable" pages that enable your visitors to quickly get the gist of each page's content.

  • Functionality: Test all contact forms, shopping cart, forums options to be sure they all work properly and as expected.

  • Graphics: Use graphics related to your topic and be sure they have a quick load time.

  • Utilization of HTML: Double check to make sure your use of html is compliant so that your pages have the same in appearance in all browsers as well as on different operating systems and even different size computer screens.

  • Optimization: Ensure your web pages are visible to search engines with proper use of keywords, Meta tags and such.

  • Footers: Copyright, notices, privacy policy, disclaimer, mini-site map, and/or social bookmarking options are  options that will enhance your site's usability.

Let's simplify the site design process by paying a quick visit to the grocery store as an example of designing the basic structure of a website using the concept of "groceries" as the site theme: Example of an internet web site design

Quick Tip:
Even though you think it might be cool, don't go wild with blinking ads, pop-ups and gyrating characters and you'll creating a professional looking site in no time.  This article reveals how the best design a web page tips and tricks is all in how well you K.I.S.S.!

Planning out the entire design structure of your site will help your visitors find exactly what they want in a quick and efficient way.

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