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Web Site Graphic Help
Webmaster Gnomely's Journal Entry:

It's The Great Web Graphic Challenge!

web site graphic

Have you ever had a problem with a web site graphic?

Are you as graphically challenged as I am?

You are?

Thank goodness some else is.

I thought I was all alone in my graphic ineptitude!

If I wasn't such a politically correct and polite gnome I might ask you what's your problem.

But since that wouldn't be kind I will only gently point out that at least I have an excuse.

For one thing, as you can very well see, I'm stuffed.

I'm completely and thoroughly overstuffed head to toe. With so much stuffing, as I'm sure you can imagine, it leaves me with precious little room for graphics.

None-the-less, I'm your mentor and I feel compelled to encourage you to take The Great Web Site Graphic Challenge that I carefully crafted just for you.

Are you ready yet?


Then take The Great Graphic Challenge to learn how you can keep your website graphics clear, crisp and presentable at all times!

Here goes. . .

Now what is this?

(It is, after all, the one and only web site graphic challenge that I'm going to share with you so try your very hardest to figure it out.)

website graphics

Well, you are absolutely right!

I'm so impressed.

Who the heck would ever know what that eyesore is?
(It's quite a puzzle, isn't it?)

To be frank with you, I'm willing to go out on a limb here and say that no one could ever make an accurate guess because it is such a pixilated mess.

How about that. . .
you passed.


I'm so proud of you.
(Really I am.)

Now that wasn't so bad now was it?

Hey, since you passed so easily I bet you
haven't suffered through any pixilated
messes on your site have you?

I almost hate revealing this to you (now you do remember that I did swear you to secrecy when you were invited to read my journal, right?) but this was actually one of Sue's first efforts at resizing a graphic.

I will also confide (hesitantly) that way back in the beginning of Sue's newbie webmastering days it was definitely a pixilated case of touch and go there for a bit.

Being Sue's Guardian Cyber Gnome, I knew that I had to quickly topple into action. So during Sue's recovery from the pixels, I made it my personal mission to provide her with answers to ensure that she would never fall victim to another dreaded case of the pixels ever again.

I've never been more proud to announce that I was personally able to uncover the long unsolved mystery to these particular types of pixilated displays of graphical horror.

You see, I have discovered that pixels are a rouge group of Pixies that prey unmercifully on graphics if given half a chance.

I know, I know.

It's such stunning, virtual space shattering news that I quite understand your shocked, jaw dropping, mind numbing state of disbelief.

In case you find yourself needing help with any future web site graphic challenges you might encounter, try these resources that my now well seasoned webmaster buddy Sue uses:

Dr. Pic will not only help to keep those nasty Pixies from devastating your pixels, he will also help you resize your graphics to keep your pixels safe from any type of invasion of rouge Pixies.

You will be able to proudly display strikingly clear graphics that are crisp and presentable at all times.

Trust in me.

After all, I am your mentor, webmaster helper and personal cyber genius.  (Aren't I?)

With help like this from yours truly, (that would be me, Gnomely, Webmaster Extraordinaire), you will thankfully never come down with the pixels.

As a matter of fact, you'll actually become a web site graphic adept in no time.

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web graphic challenge

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