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Have you included strategies for web site marketing
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Do you want visitors to find your website?

web site marketingSome webmasters wonder just how to go about marketing their website.

You know that the World Wide Web is a pretty big place with literally billions of websites.

So how will potential visitors find your website?

By using every website marketing strategy available to you!

Promoting your website is critically important.


Well, you need people to find your website! If no one knows about your website, you won't have any visitors.  If you don't have any visitors you won't have any income earning opportunities.

If truth be known, generating website traffic is a science in and of itself. It can make your eyes roll up in your head and your brain hurt.

But don't worry. . .

There are several different quick and easy web site marketing strategies that you can implement which you can do without breaking a sweat.

search engine promotionWeb site marketing is how your visitors will find your site along with search engine promotion, and web site advertising.

It's how you build traffic.

It's how your site earns great rankings with search engines.

This in turn, is how your site will attract business!

The bottom line is that you need to let the WWW know that your website exists!

There are a variety of options which will earn your site recognition, search engine rank and attract visitors from all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, BING, MSN, and Ask.

None are difficult although they do involve time and effort.

Here are some well tested strategies that will help build links and attract visitors to get your website rock'in and roll'in along:

  • Articles: Submit articles to article sites that include links back to your website- The Fine Art of Article Marketing, Streamlining Your Article Submission Online Web Marketing Strategy

  • Blogging: Integrate a site blog to share frequent updates and announcements

  • Business Cards: Have some business cards made up and pass them out where ever you go

  • Directories: List your site with as many website directories as possible ( Simply a "must"!) - All you need to know about the Directory Web Site Submission Process along with this FREE web site submission template I created just for you :-)

  • FaceBook: Create a professional profile with links to your site. Get started with these Facebook Tips and Strategies:

  • Google: Explore opportunities to submit a unique piece of work (that includes a link to your site of course) to Google's Knol, Base, and Reviews

  • Link Building: Ask other websites to link to your site

  • LinkIn: Establish a professional profile, network and include links back to your site

  • My Space: Create a profile to establish credibility with links to your site

  • Newsletter: Encourage visitors to sign-up for periodic updates or news

  • Press Release: Announce your website to reporters all over the world.

  • Propeller: Submit a short news worthy blurb that links to a specific web page on your site

  • RSS: Encourage subscriptions to your RSS feed. (You did subscribe to this site didn't you? It's the orange button to your left right under the nav bar. Thanks!)

  • Search Engines: Submit your site map to the major search engines

  • Social Bookmarking: Recommend specific web pages on your site to different bookmarking sites and encourage your visitors to bookmark your site. (Psst. . . Just use any of the options at the end of this page!) Thanks :-)

  • Social Media: Go viral! Social network marketing ROCKS!

  • Squidoo: Create a Squidoo to promote your site

  • Wiki: Submit "How To's" and articles that include a link to your site for more information

  • Yahoo Answers: Answer questions relevant to your site topic, including a link to your site as a reference resource

"The more effort you put into using the many different web site marketing, search engine promotion and website advertising strategies the more website traffic you will have.

The more visitors your site attracts, the more income your site will generate."

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