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Web Site Solution
Webmaster Gnomely's Journal Entry:

How to Avoid Creating Sitemares

 web site solution

Do you ever find yourself needing help finding a web site solution for the occasional simple yet baffling website problems that can randomly occur?

These tend to be those innocent and inexplicable site building errors that can result in creating a virtual sitemare.

That's right. . .
A simple error that creates a virtual SITEMARE!

There are simply a gazillion things that you need to learn in order to prevent sitemares from happening to you.

web site solutionI, Gnomely, Webmaster Extraordinaire can provide you with all the website building help you need to see you through those potential sitemares.

You might be wondering what
exactly a sitemare is. . .


Many of the most common errors are indeed avoidable.

Now this is a biggie. . .

Rule #1:

Never, ever use a graphic without permission!

Did you know that some very talented (and very mean) webmasters will embed very bad things in graphics to punish you for stealing them?

And to make matters worse, you might not even be aware that you have committed graphic larceny!

I know all to well the results of such innocence and naivety.

You see, once upon a time, in a fit of creativity Sue had searched high and low for the most perfect graphic to complement the content on one of her web pages. She eventually found an ideal, cute and adorable graphic on Google Images.

Google images certainly seemed to be a free public source for all sorts of interesting graphics, right?

Not having read the terms of use, (now she always reads everything she can BEFORE she ventures into anything new), Sue copied the graphic to put on the web page she was building.

Like many others, she just assumed that you could use any of the Google images just like Microsoft clip art (which she has a licensing agreement to).

Well, on Google images you can use some of them freely and others you can't.

You need to ask permission!

Who knew?

Well, after adding the cute, adorable graphic to her website all those long and very naive years ago guess what happen?

The next morning when she clicked on her website what did she see?

A very unwelcome and heart stopping sight I can tell you.

Her entire site was transformed and overtaken by shocking images. (The kind where your eyes just bug right out of your head in disbelief.)

It was a panic attack of epic proportions.

It was a virtual sitemare!

That cute, adorable graphic that was just the perfect complement for her web page morphed and not only turned that web page but her entire site into a collection of male appendages! (Of the porn variety).

website building help

Talk about
conniption fits!


I'm telling you this was an all out melt down of the highest order.

The poor thing had no idea what had caused her website to transform itself into a wholesome e-learning site into a Little Shop of Pornographic Horrors!

Fortunately, a wonderful gallant webmaster came to her aid and gave her the web site solution while pointing out the graphic truth of publishing an image without permission.

Some very disturbed and demented webmasters embed vicious things into their graphics to punish people for stealing them.

Again. . .

Who knew?

Site Build It!

business opportunity

SBI! Case Studies

The web site solution turned out to be quite simple:

Once the graphic was deleted the problem was quickly solved and she could reclaim her website from that endless gallery of very disturbing porn. (WHEW!)

Please note:

All the "Don't Do It Rules" from Rule #2 through to #bazillion are carefully cataloged in my ever so entertaining and enlightening Webmaster Help Journal.

Sharing these painful yet poignant site building adventures and the applicable web site solution of my ever faithful technologically challenged and formerly dimwitted webmaster human, Sue, will hopefully save you from making similar horror filled mistakes.

Goodness me, the things I have to do to save you humans from creating those very distressing sitemares. Now back to our regularly featured site building lessons because as one of your wise humans once said:

"The more you know,
the more you know you don't know. . ."

business website ideas
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(Knowing that if I could, it would be a piece of cake for everyone else on the planet!)

Your feedback and success stories are a constant source of inspiration for me!

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