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What are Bits and Bytes you ask?

    Well a Bit is ". . . short for binary digit, the smallest unit of information on a machine." (Webopedia)

    A Byte is ". . . a basic unit of measurement of information storage." (Wikipedia)

You see, together they make up these two amazing furry virtual site building whiz kids who carefully sift through cyber space to gather golden nuggets of the best web site building tips. Then we pass these web site tips along to you.

We'd love for you to get to know Bits and Bytes. They are two of the top WWW (Yup, of the entire World Wide Web!) renowned cyber sleuths of all time.

We've been fortunate to engage their services to exclusively provide our visitors with the combined genius of Bits and Bytes to ensure you receive the most riveting, knock-your-socks-off web site tips, site building strategies, and techniques.

They intend to help you continue to grow your site in a successful yet productive way. Be sure to sign-up today!

The Bits and Bytes might be:

  • An alert about a new social site to join that will give your site great exposure
  • A quick and easy "to do" to improve your site
  • A different sales technique to try
  • A new site building strategy to test out
  • Or other helpful and valuable site building tips
When you sign-up, you will receive these occasional Bits and Bytes prepared in a very short yet captivating summary then promptly sent right to your email inbox.

Here's a sample newsletter:
November 2011- The Best Internet Affiliate Program in Cyber Space

Bits and Bytes reminds you to take action!

Not only will Bits and Bytes inspire you to keep your site fresh, they also know that reminders such as these are an excellent way to help keep you focused on building your small business bigger and better.

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