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Website Business Plan
Strategic Planning for Small Business
Starts with an Objective

Establishing a clear web site business objective will help you fully develop your small website business plan.

Website Business PlanWhy do you need an objective for your web business plan?

Well, you need to define the purpose of your internet business.

Strategic planning for small business keeps your focus on achieving goals.

How do you establish an objective for your overall internet website business plan?

Start by answering a few questions:

  • Why are you building a web business? (I know your ultimate overall purpose is to generate extra income but how will you accomplish this goal?)

  • What will be the purpose of your website that will attract visitors interested in your content?

  • What is your most wanted response (MWR) from your visitors? Your MWR will keep you focused on your overall objective.

  • What do your visitors need that your website will easily provide?

  • What will you offer your visitors that is of benefit to them?

Think of it this way. . .
If you develop a website with a clear objective that offers an authority source for information on your topic and demonstrates expertise on the subject matter you establish a compelling and trustworthy reason for your visitors to do business with you.

Your visitors will trust the information on your site.

And,most importantly, they will trust you.

You are building credibility and a relationship with your visitors.

For example,
take this website

  • The overarching objective of this site is to teach visitors how to build their own internet web business that will generate an additional income stream for years to come.

  • The secondary purpose is to inspire visitors with confidence and enthusiasm to build their own online ebusiness.

  • Both of these objectives lead directly to the final website ebusiness goal of monetizing the site with great resources and tools to help you build a successful internet business.


website developmentBecause it is a win-win formula.

You get the expertise of my first hand experience with the site building resources and tools so you don't have to go through the same tedious learning curve I did.

I win because I love building websites!

All the resources and tools recommended here are because I have already tried and tested them. I pass that experience along to you with the reasons why I either found them helpful or challenging and therefore not worth the investment or effort.

"Establishing a clear objective for your small business website
will launch a well defined website business plan that will
ensure the long term success and profitability of
your internet web business."

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