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Website Format
Types of Websites

Have you considered your website format?

In other words, how will you present your content to your visitors?

As you explore small business ideas it is helpful to know what the different website types are to narrow your focus.
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Determining the presentation of your website content will help refine your web site development ideas for building your online business.

You can present the content of a website in many different ways.

Deciding how to present your website content will depend on the type of small business web site that you intend to build.

Consider these examples of some of the most common types of websites:

  • How To: Take a lesson from the wildly popular For Dummies series to create a site that explains how to do something

  • Reviews: Consumer Reports is an example of a useful review concept

  • Entertainment: Celebrities, movies, video games to music trends, inspirational quotes or to simply provide amusement

  • Educational: An instructional focus for teaching such topics as preparing home schooling curriculum, writing techniques, and the basic principles of financial management

  • News: Whether global, local or related to a specific topic like legislation or the whether the focus is typically on current events

  • Interactive Community: Exchanging and sharing thoughts, opinions or information via forums or other response driven modalities such as Facebook, My Space or LinkedIn

  • Corporate: Company details, mission statement, philosophy; rather like an online brochure

  • eCommerce: Specifically designed to provide information and to generate revenue by promoting products

  • Shopping: Showcase for products. The most popular example is

No matter which type of format for your website
you choose it will be the quality of the content
that you offer that will play a significant
role in determining the success of your
small web site business.

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