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Website Ideas
Webmaster Gnomely's Journal Entry:

The No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Idea

website ideas

What are bad website ideas?

From passage 4789.12 of capturing and nurturing "The Idea" . . .

(Excerpt from the basic tenets of "Gnomology", the highly revered book detailing the philosophical and psychological perspectives of the legendary ancient race of earth-dwelling Cyber Gnomes.)

Bad ideas are nothing.  

Nothing at all.

And we all know that having nothing will get you absolutely nothing in return. And when you have nothing you'll end up with nothing, nada, zippo. . .

With nothing you have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Now that is the epitome of a bad idea!

That's a very, very bad idea!

It's the worst idea ever.

It's a no good, terrible, very bad idea. . .

Do you get the idea here yet?

I sure hope so because my head is starting to hurt and the stuffing is starting to leak out from under by most handsome pointy red cap.

Let me help clarify the importance of an idea, any idea.

Are you familiar with the "Gnomology of Thought"?

(It is one of the basic tenets in the book of "Gnomology", the highly revered treatise detailing the philosophical and psychological perspectives of the legendary ancient race of earth-dwelling Cyber Gnomes.)

Don't worry if you aren't familiar with it.
I'll tell you everything you need to know. . .

The "Gnomology of Thought" isn't as well known among humans as it is among Gnomes.

I will happily share one of the important passages on thought from this highly revered book with you.

"The Idea".

How do you get website ideas?

You go catch them of course!
(Although I've heard rumors that some humans give birth to their ideas. . . how icky!)

A word of warning:

Ideas can be very tricky to catch sometimes. You see, ideas can be quite stubborn. They can bury themselves and hide in the deepest chasms of your mind; they can be fleeting, elusive, insubstantial whispers that dart around teasingly begging you to give them notice just to slip away before you can quite grasp it; or they can be lost in a big messy, writhing mass of a million thoughts just waiting for you to uncover "the right one" for you!

So what do you do if that happens to you?

Go on an web site idea hunt of course. . .

Put on your ever so darling red pointy thinking hat (You are welcome to borrow mine if you can't find yours!) then enlist your brain cells to join in on your search and discovery mission.

Here's how:

  • Start thinking.
  • Think hard until you are on the verge of a brainstorm.
  • Then leap into the brainstorm with all your powers of thought. 
  • Think of an idea.
  • Any idea.
  • Any idea at all

Next. . .

Capture your website ideas.

Secure them properly by wrapping them up tightly in writing. That way they will never get lost. Then, and only then, will you be able to set them free. (You did know that your idea has the potential to set you free didn't you?)

You see, any idea is better than no idea.

With an idea you have something. Even a half-baked idea is a start. I've even been known to put my website ideas on the back burner to percolate a bit more but be sure you don't turn them into toast. I can attest to the fact that burnout can be paralyzing.

Your idea is a very precious.

I keep all my most precious website ideas safely tucked away on scraps of paper. An idea is your e-ticket to webmaster cyber eheaven. (With the "e" standing for entrepreneur, ecommerce, ebusiness and of course, earnings.)

How do you turn an idea into an e-ticket?

You simply sort out all those ideas and cash in the best ones for your e-ticket. You use the e-ticket to capitalize on the very best ideas. Your idea is what will get you going. Your idea is your springboard for your site concept. Your idea allows you to give birth (not the icky kind mind you) to your new and exciting edventure which will lead you to your ebusiness.

It all starts with your business website ideas.

Did you know that Gnomes just love to inspire edventures?

I bring my business website ideas along with me everywhere I go. They keep me entertained with exciting new possibilities. They provide me with new opportunities. They help me launch a brainstorm for a whole new set of website ideas.


Is that all perfectly clear now?

Here, let me put it into a nutshell it for you so you can keep it safe:

  • Go on an idea hunt
  • Capture your Idea
  • Cash it into an e-ticket
  • Go on an edventure
  • Build your ebusiness

(By the way, why do humans like to sum up things and put them into a nutshell?  What's up with that?)

The morale of the concept of "The Idea" from the ever important passage form the Gnomology of Thought is. . .

Don't let yourself get stuck without any website ideas
because that is a. . .

No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Idea.

The solution?
It's actually quite simple:


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