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Your Complete Collection of
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All webmasters need website resources and a collection of web site building tools that will help them get the job done as efficiently as possible.

website resourcesCan there be anything better than an entire site building treasure trove of top secret webmaster resources available just for you?

Throughout the years I've collected and stashed away a wonderful selection of helpful web site resources that I'd like to share with you.

Shhh. . . They aren't really top secret though.

I just said that to make Bits and Bytes best friend over there, Mr. Mega Bytes happy.

MB for short.

You see, MB thinks of himself as the Guardian of internet treasure.
He has collected an amazing amount of helpful stuff.

He loves to stuff his briefcase full of website resources, website building tools and valuable information until he is able to share it with someone interested in site building.

It's your luck day because that's you!

So I will be continuously adding to this listing until it reaches at least a gazillion helpful web site building tools and resources so be sure to check back often!

Note: I'm guessing that you probably like "free"
as much as I do!

The majority of these website resources are either free or provide the option of a free trial period so you can give it a test drive to help decide if it is the most helpful website tool for the task you want to accomplish.

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Now without further ado, here's a great assortment of website resources, tools and incredible treasures that will make all your site building efforts infinitely easier. . .

Your Website Resources and
Web Site Building Tools

Advertising (Generate Income)
Advertising (Pay for Site Exposure)

Copyright Protection
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
Directory Listings for Site Submissions
Keyword Research and Selection
  • Google Keyword Tool: Research keyword popularity and profitability
  • Search It: Research several different keyword data bases as well as profitability

Link Building 
Link Scanning (Broken Links)
  • Widgetbox: Create widget of a web page or blog

Product Marketing
  • E-junkie: List and sell both hard goods and eProducts
    (Free Trial, then there is a $5 per month fee)
E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery
  • ClickBank: List eProducts only
  • The MarketPlace: Add your product listing(s)  
    *Use the "Free Shopping Mall" link at the top of the page

Press Release and PR
  • PR Web: Submit press release (Fee assessed for upgrades to the basic services.)
  • 1888 Press Release: Free or opt for paid distribution
  • PR Free: Charges for any upgrades to the basic free submission

SEO and Analysis
Social Bookmarking
  • Widget of popular social bookmarking sites

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Spam Control
Submission Software
  • Article Submitter: Choose the Article Submitter tab at the top of the very long sales letter page to download the free version of this easy to use software.
  • Directory Submitter: Free version lists 350 directories that automates the submission process of your website

Website Analysis

web site services

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Thank You All!
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