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Your Welcome to Facebook Page
Facebook Tips Using Social Media Applications

Customize your Welcome to Facebook business fan page using the readily available social media applications to make your page pop!
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Try these Facebook tips to whole heartedly welcome Facebook fans so they LIKE it!

If you want the flexibility to customize your business page, then add the FBML app. (FBML stands for FaceBook Mark-up Language). It's FB's own variation of HTML that is used to customize Fan pages.

It's basically the same as using HTML except that FB does throw in a few of their own quirky codes that you will need to learn in order to add video and other features.

However, it's particularly nice that most of the basic HTML codes are accepted by FB so you don't have to go through the learning curve of figuring out an entirely new programming language. (Thank goodness!)

Using FBML is only necessary if you want to add video and other special elements to customize your fan page.

This is the customized Product Fan page using FBML that I created to promote an ebook for my other website:

Time saving Tip: 
I found it easiest to write the page in a HTML editor (if you don't have one, there are several good free versions such as Coffee Cup and Kompozer) to format the Welcome to Facebook Fan page.

On this particular Welcome to Facebook customized product sales landing page, I only had to search out how to add the video which did require a specific FBML code in order to embed the video. All the other formatting is just basic HTML.

Here's how to add the FBML app:

On your Welcome facebook business or product fan page click the "edit page" link you'll find right under the graphic you uploaded in the upper left hand corner.

Facebook Welcome Page

Next. . .

  • Scroll down and select the "Apps" option.
  • Choose the FBML app option from the list displayed on the right.
  • Click the "add this app" link
Facebook Welcome Page

Once you've received the message that the app has been added, go back through the entire process again in order to build or edit the page:
  • Click the edit page link again
  • Select the Apps option
  • Choose the "edit this page" link for the fan page Welcome Facebook FBML app.

You'll be brought to a blank page with a title field.
  • Enter the name of the customized tab (I named mine Welcome! for the product landing page I created.)
  • Add your content to the large text block 
Welcome Facebook Fan Page

Either copy and paste the customized page from your HTML editor into the large text field or type right into the box and format as you wish using HTML.

Special Note:
To add other social media applications, embed videos or other special features to your Welcome Fan Page use the Facebook search box to find the specific FBML "how to's".

In order to set the Welcome! page as the default landing page all you need to do is:
  • Click the "Edit" link again
  • This time select "Manage Permissions"
  • Choose the Welcome page you just created as the default landing tab

Facebook Social Media Applications


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