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What Are The Best Web Hosting Sites

by Monica

Best Web Hosting Sites?

Best Web Hosting Sites?

Dear Sue,

I have questions regarding what are the best web hosting sites and the Site Build It website hosting service that you use. I am asking for your honest help in evaluating usefulness of SBI in particular.

If you have time, I would appreciate any help you can provide me.

These are the questions I have:

    1. Do you make good money from your website?
    2. If so, how long did it take to get there?
    3. What are your sources of income? And which are most lucrative for you?
    4. How much work do you have to put into the site initially and on an ongoing basis?
    5. Do you have more than one site?
    6. Do you think your success is a result of the SiteBuildIt product?
    7. Why did you chose SBI over other web hosting sites?
    8. Would you consider SBI as one of the best web hosting sites and why?

Thank you,

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SBI is Clearly a Better Web Host than GoDaddy Then!
by: Monica


Thank you so much for your detailed answers, and for responding so quickly.

I need to evaluate everything that SBI has to offer and discuss this with my husband.

We've had all our sites through GoDaddy for probably ten years. But I've never been successful in creating any sort of income from them.

Plus, GoDaddy has all these limits on disk space, server space, bandwith, email and so on. Then there are all these extra charges to add features like a shopping cart, store, blog, and so on. It can get very expensive.

If I decide to go with SBI, I will certainly do so through your website so you get credit for the sale. It's the least I can do.

Best of luck and continued success,


Best Web Hosting Sites
by: Sue

Hi Monica,

Everyone considering building a website needs to know which web hosting sites are the best so they can get the most service for the least amount of expense along with all the tools and features needed to build a successful website.

(As I answer your questions, bear in mind that I am a HUGE advocate of SBI and tell everyone all the time that they are nuts not to start their own a website.)

My first site is almost 6 years old now:
The Skin Care Resource Center

It wasn't until a few years into building web pages on all the different aspects of anti-aging skin care that I learned I could actually make money on the website. So I started to slowly monetize it by adding a few Google Ads along with a handful of links to the products that I use. (I make a commission when people purchase
a product through those affiliate links.)

After 4 years of adding a variety of different ways to earn income on the site, I now average about $600 a week in income. That amount continues to slowly grow as I find better products to promote and add more content to the site.

Half of the income from Google Ads, the other half comes from sales of the ebook I wrote, and commission from product sales.

The amount of work I put into the site varies significantly. Since I work full-time I usually spend about an hour a day during the week, (usually checking and responding to emails and such), and on the weekends usually 3 to 4 hours each day. There are times I don't spend any time on the sites 'cause I'm just too busy.

I consider Web Site Building Tips my "fun" website to help other people like me who haven't a clue about technology how they too can build a successful and profitable website.

You asked specifically why I chose SBI as the best web hosting company for my websites.

The quick answer is because through a series of trying to build a website with many other web hosting companies I failed miserably. I found it too complicated and knew I needed something easy enough so that even a self-confirmed "e"lliterate like me could do it. SBI is a match made in cyber heaven for me.

It's also the only web hosting service that included everything you need into one website building program. There is no need to pay for anything extra like other hosting companies.

So in a word, YES!

I never in a million years would have been able to learn how to finally build a website or how to generate income without SBI.

I can wholeheartedly say that the success with both of my websites is 100% a direct result of finally finding and choosing SBI as my web hosting (and ebusiness building) all in one service.


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