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What is Business Research?
What Does it Have to do With Starting a Website?

What is Business Research

"What is Business Research?"

If you're asking yourself that question, then perhaps you're starting a website business off on the wrong track.

Your research is the foundation you build a business upon.

Do it well, and your business will be strong as you build it. Mess it up, and you might as well save your time and trouble for something else.

We'll give you a thorough overview of what the business research process is, make sure you understand exactly why you should care, and prove to you that there's nothing intimidating about the concept.

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What is Business Research? The FIRST Thing You Should Do. . .

Unless you're starting a website simply for pleasure, you probably want to make some money from the online business you'll be building. Having a businesslike mentality is vital to online business success.

Unfortunately, over 99 percent of online businesses never make a profit. The primary reason for this is failing to plan, failing to research, failing to be patient, and failing to wait until you are properly prepared for the journey ahead.

See a common thread there?


Unless you want to join the 99 percent, let's move away from the failings, and towards the success.

What is Business Research? First the Bad News. . .

The Internet is maturing rapidly. Markets that were winnable five years ago are now dominated by probably unbeatable web businesses. Somebody starting out with a brand new online business had better be:
  • excellent
  • truly original
  • prepared to work hard
  • have a budget (or a lot of free time) to spend on their project
It's much more difficult to make a splash these days. You can make a living in any number of ways, but a good living is not so easy.

On top of those challenges, the search engine landscape is changing, too, with Google in particular moving the goalposts on a regular basis.

What is Business Research?
 Now the Good News. . .

Because online business, or e-business, has grown up, it has attracted quality online business research companies, dedicated to developing simple to use and reliable business research tools.

Online Business Research
It's never been easier to identify, research and properly target a market niche.

Once you've identified the opportunities available to you, other business research processes can help you to pick the best from your initial selections.

So rev'em up, click-it into high gear and begin your journey to online success by navigating through the first phase of starting a website business:
  • The Business Research Process in Detail
  • Online Business Research Has Never Been So Easy

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Business Research Process

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