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What Makes SBI an Ecommerce Company

by LTK

Ecommerce Online Business

Ecommerce Online Business

I've heard that SBI is an e-commerce company.

What does this mean?

Why does this make SBI so special?

What are the difficulties, problems, critical issues and challenges faced in building a REAL moneymaking online business using Site Build It.

How did you overcome them and what solutions would you recommended to a novice like me?

All things being equal; both are using the same Site Build It and follow the same SBI Action Guide; why some succeed and why some fizzled out over time and fail?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Wishing you greater success in building your online business.

Warm regards.


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My Answer to What Makes SBI an Ecommerce Company
by: Sue

In a nutshell, SBI is a web hosting service that focuses on a step-by-step approach that provides the instruction and strategies that help people build a website that will earn money.

For a bit of background, e-commerce is short for electronic commerce. What this essentially means is that the World Wide Web is utilized as the vehicle to offer goods or services that can be bought or sold on the internet.
A website that consists of interrelated web pages is used as the platform to accomplish this goal.

Personally, what I think makes SBI so special is that it is the only company that I found that takes a hand-holding approach and offers unlimited support to their website owners. It was really hard for me at first to wrap my head around how to build a website business. But, with all the instructional resources and assistance provided by SBI, I was able to make significant progress in over-coming the learning curve (since I am just so unbelievably technologically inept) and really see the fruits of my efforts.

Plus, as an aside, all the features that SBI offers that are all included in their monthly web hosting fee end up being a HUGE savings in the long run. In terms of both time and money!

To learn more click this link for a quick video tour of SBI.

As for the problems, difficulties and challenges in building a website using SBI, for most people familiar with the internet and more cyber savvy than I am, I don?t think they would face many challenges at all.

For me however, as a completely green novice who didn't even know how to add a photo or understand words such as "upload", my challenges were educating myself about the internet and learning what I consider an entirely new language.

Most people now have a Facebook account. Even elders! If you can master Facebook (which still makes my head spin sometimes), then building a website is not going to be an issue at all.

Finally, in response to your question as to why do some succeed with SBI and why do some "fizzle", from my perspective building a web business is all about planning, patience, and persistence. Creating an online business is not a "get rich overnight" venture as many expect or dream about.

It takes good old fashion WORK to build any business, whether it is on the internet or setting up a shop down the street. Having realistic expectations and the determination to work through whatever challenges are encountered are just a few keys to success.


Those were all very excellent questions that I hope I answered as completely as you wanted. . .


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(Knowing that if I could, it would be a piece of cake for everyone else on the planet!)

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